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From: Eden
Date: 1/19/02 1:30:50 AM EST
To: Escape666.com

Just out of curiosity, did you ever consider a possible positive side to Harry Potter? When the antichrist takes control of the world he too will impose harsh laws with harsh punishments. As a member of the satanic church you must obey the image. Revelation also tells about the 144,000 sealed. These 144000 will also have a mark on their foreheads. Perhaps GOD may even grant these people some sort of supernormal abilities in which to combat or fend off attacks from the evil civilization.

And this occult thing . . should you really believe in a mere symbol as one that represents evil? Wouldn't that be a form of idolatry which is evil itself . . so it's not the symbol which is evil but rather believing in a symbol as evil? But maybe Harry Potter shows both sides of the end times. Humanity fell from grace the first time because of ignorance, there's no reason to believe it won't happen again, ESPECIALLY with the way society is today.
God Bless you and spread the word peacefully.


Hello and thank you for writing. I really don’t see anything positive about Harry Potter and the deceitful way that it targets children.

Antichrist will impose Imprisonment, Starvation and Death only to those who Refuse to take The 666 Initiation an worship his Father, Satan, as god. (Rev:13)

The 144,000 (Rev:7) are Hebrew Prophets who will Warn the world during The First Part of The Great Tribulation. The “mark” that they receive is from God not A Satanic Initiation. They will have No Power over Antichrist and will either be killed or “raptured” into Heaven after they complete their Ministry.

A Symbol is evil when it represents evil. 666 as was The Swastika (its forerunner) represents Genocide, Evil and Death.

Harry Potter is preparing Children to Accept Satan’s Religion of Witchcraft &Sorcery and Take The 666 Initiation which has nothing to do with God.

Harry Potter portrays Having The Mark (of Initiation) upon your forehead as something good, cool and acceptable. (Rev:13:16). Toy Companies already sell a stick on Lightening Bolt for kids to wear as they practice Spells from Harry Potter’s books and web sites.

Remember, The Lightening Bolt is One of The Symbols for Lucifer (Satan). Hitler’s “SS” wore This Symbol to show their Allegiance to their Dark Lord.

Many people are afraid to see Harry Potter for what it truly is, for to accept this movie as Evil means that Satan Exists and is working to bring forth Antichrist who will rule this world.

God Bless You;
Pastor Harry/Ch of Phl-Int


Date: 1/13/2002 1:36:12 AM EST
To: Escape666.com

Well Done! Pastor Harry
I agree with your page, and accept it to be a warning. And thank< GOD for your service to the world!

When, We see children, taking in such Information as entertainment..
we know, such seeds will take root, in some way shape or form.... And the Most dangerous form is as you say: demon indwelling.. How dreadful!

Other ways, I believe it can effect our children, is: Suddenly in due time when the season is ripe from Harry Potter’s witchcraft seed sown,
~We may find, more doctors diagnosing a child with A.D.D.
~More child suicides.. <~ the end result in demon possession..
~children who act up. out of control behavior.

We may find the results of these seeds very uncomfortable, and what a sad condition we are in..... these Last days....

Please continue Pastor Harry as you are. and be edified, SOMEONE is GOING to be INFORMED with GOOD seeds that you SOW!

GOD bless you dearly.
" T ha nK You"


Hello and thank you for your support. I agree with you about “seeds”. Satan is very subtle. He reaches Children under the guise of Entertainment and Fantasy. Harry Potter presents The Things of Satan’s World as good, cool and desired and those who oppose Witchcraft, Magic and Sorcery are the ignorant, fearful “Muggle” People. In reality The Christians become The Muggles” who believe that Witchcraft &Sorcery are evil. The same is true for The Occult Symbol which Harry Potter has on his forehead.

Remember too that The Harry Potter Movie and books do not exist in a vacuum. Through Harry Potter and related web sites, Children can learn about Spells, Magic and Incantations and Tap into “Forces” that they have no defense against.

Harry Potter has opened Pandora’s Box. With seven Harry Potter movies planned, Harry Potter is not something that will quickly disappear.

The Questions is, “How long will God allow Satan to dance in the minds of the Children?” before He says “NO MORE” and The Apocalypse begins?

God Bless You in these dark times,
And remember
“Satan luvs Silence.”

Pastor Harry/Ch of Phl-Int


From: Mulattah@netzero.net (Mulattah)
Date: 1/13/02 7:17:02 PM EST
To: Escape666.com
Subj: Spaceships
The Creator, God. He has created the whole Universe and to Him, it was easy and great simplicity. He made everything in balance. He made life, both beast and human. For this is your Father and you are His child. A spaceship is the best he can do when he comes to man away? Ummm

After all this beauty that God has given man, that man is so not deserving,why can one say and subject God to a spaceship. Everything the Almighty wants us to know is what He has told us in a very easy understandable way. His Ten Commandments does not even leave on try to translate it.

If people had seen spaceships back thousands of years ago, I believe they would have described them in a real way. Nowhere in the Bible do any of the people make any notion to any flying object in the sky or a unknown flying object ascending down on Mt. Sinai.

When you also say spaceship, you are putting God in a physical plane. God is a spiritual being. He highest spiritual being and He is the Supreme Being. For man cannot enter Heaven flesh and blood but only inspirit.

May the wind be at your back and light down the road you follow.


Hello and thank you for writing. I accept your view of God as Creator and that He has revealed Himself to us through The Bible. However we also see in The Scripture that God comes and goes to Earth in A UFO = Unidentified Flying Object, some type of "Spacecraft", power source unknown.

YHWH God "descended" upon Mt Sinai with Fire and smoke and lightening. YHWH appeared to Ezekiel in a Flying Craft, "wheels in a wheel". This Spacecraft took Ezekiel from Babylon (Iraq) to Jerusalem and returned him to Babylon. (Ezek: chapter 1).

In Psalm 62, God is called The "Rider on The Clouds." Ancient Israel had no problem with a God who comes from the sky.

Elijah was transported to Heaven in a Flaming Chariot. In Gen:3, We see YHWH God "walking through The Garden of Eden and calling out to Adam and Eve. Is this not a physical being? Maybe when God comes into our Physical World , He becomes a physical being? But we cannot erase passages from Scripture that disagree with our views of God or invoke our fear of the unknown.

I have the openness to accept what The Bible says us and explore its Mysteries.... do you?

God Bless you
Pastor Harry/CH of Phl-Int


From: Ook7798
Date: 12/29/01 8:04:37 PM EST
To: Escape666.com

First let me say that I have not read the Harry Potter books, but I am a Christian and a fan of a series of funny fantasy books that are even bigger than the J.K Rowling's series of HP, It is the Discworld series, which have sold more books than any others in the UK since 1983 and are still going.

I'm a little surprised and disappointed that the words "SATANIC CONSPIRACY" have been used at all let alone you really thinking that HP and Star Wars is promoting evil ways, HP is just a story, I haven't read it but I get the general idea of what its about, I'm sure there is a thread of revenge in them, but then so do so so many films and such which is of course disappointing as there is no good reason for revenge, but who are you to suggest that there is any evil conspiracy behind it, no one but God knows that, and to say it is as such when you don't know is what Jesus told us is Judging and is wrong.

How can you say that the books of HP or any other books like The Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars were ONLY made because the people who created them wanted people/kids to think that is what they should do and what is right, no, they were created because it was a interesting story to tell, nothing more, and I'm a little dismayed to see you Pastor Harry go the ever treaded road of over-the-top-seeing-stuff-that-isnt-there-shouting-EVIL-EVIL-EVIL-at-everything type deal, besides, who of us can create a story which isn't real that comes close to the story of Jesus which was real.

Pastor Harry, I will leave you saying please keep your focus on more important things.

God Bless you,


Hello. It is always better to read the book or see a movie before you comment on it. It is hard to accept that the People behind The Harry Potter movie have no interest in promoting Witchcraft and Sorcery just as it is hard to believe a Christian Movie can be made by people who are against Christianity!

George Lucas, the maker of STAR WARS was quoting as saying,"I am teaching the audience Buddhism and Occultism through my STAR WARS Trilogy.

I do not scream "EVIL EVIL" at the wind. However Harry Potter targets Children making Witchcraft &Sorcery (which The Bible says is Evil) as things that are good and acceptable. Should we not warn Parents what Harry Potter is teaching their Children?

The Church ignored Hitler when he started his Campaign of Anti-Semitism to focus upon "more important things". They chanted "Jesus Love You" until Hitler torched their Churches and Fired Up His Ovens of Death. Then it was too late.

Harry Potter is preparing Children to accept Antichrist and his Satanic Religion when he appears on the world scene. Antichrist will open "Sorcery School" to planet earth.

The vast majority of Christian Ministries, Televangelists and Pastors are Silent about Harry Potter as speaking against this movie could lessen donations, cash flow into the offering plate.

Satan Loves Silence.

God Bless you/
Pastor Harry/CH of Phl-Int


From: kelly@hay.net
Date: 1/2/02 12:01:30 PM EST
To: Escape666.com
Subj: Salvation


I must say that having grown with a strict Baptist upbringing, you ARE correct in their thinking that 'all you need to get into Heaven' is to ask for forgiveness and be saved'. This was brain-washed into me for years, and so of course I've followed this line of thinking. I married a man with strong Catholic beliefs, however because of a divorce that wasn't annuled couldn't partake in Catholic 'rituals'. He didn't wish to become Baptist, and my Baptist faith was waning, so we became what we thought was a happy medium between the two religions: Lutheran.

What I've found personally is these 3 'sub-religions' of Christianity tend to contradict each other. I have an eventful childhood of abuse, and NONE of these 'sub-religions' helped me to comes to terms with it, which has in the past year come out into the open. What helped me was going back to my childhood bible from 1974 (the original King James Version) and decifering for myself. What I've concluded for myself and
for my family is this:

We believe Jesus will come again 'like a thief in the night'. We WILL
be ready for him BECAUSE we believe in him and his teachings, and we
make sure our children know of his teachings, in accordance to the bible
and as a family unit we try to practice these teachings.

Our kids are our mirrors, and if you think you are a Christian, then
look at your kids to find out if you really are.

Thanks for your web site.

In Christ,


Hello and thank you for writing. All Christian denominations today are flawed and in error including Lutherism. It was Luther who started The Heresy of "Salvation By Faith Alone" that Protestestant-ism is based upon and The Baptists pounced upon like lions on a fresh kill.

Churches teach us what is popular, what sells in return for filled pews. Telling people Lies and False Promises of Heaven be it Catholic (Priests can absolve sins) or Baptist ("Once Saved Always Saved"),guarantees to keep the donations flowing into offering plates.

The sad fact is that Millions of "Christians" love these Church Lies to the point of trashing anyone who speaks the Truth of The Gospel to them, i.e. "We must Follow Jesus to Heaven"(Matt:7:21/ Jn:10:27/Rev:3:8).In times past when Church &State were "One", those who rejected these Church Lies were branded as witches burned at The Stake!

You are correct to Read The Bible for yourself and to follow Jesus Teachings not Church Dogma. Yes Jesus will one day come "As a Thief in the night" and "rapture" (take) His true Followers. Then The Great Tribulation will begin.

In The Book of Revelation, Jesus true "Church" is called The Church of Philadelphia of which our Site represents in Spirit and teaching.

God Bless you, keep true.

Pastor Harry/Ch of Phl-Int www.Escape666.com


Date: 11/22/01 11:32:32 AM
To: Escape666.com
Subj: Salvation
I have visited your site and can only comment that if anyone is deluded here it is you. for by grace are you saved through faith and that not of youselves. it is the gift of god, not of works lest any man should boast. I guess paul was deluded and you alone correct. i know whom i have BELIEVED and am pursuaded that he is able to keep that which i have committed to him against THAT day. not by works of righteousness that we have done by by his mercy are we saved. you need to get your head out of the book of revelation - the interpretation of which is speculation at best until it happens - and into the whole word of god.


Adolf Hitler said, "Tell a Lie big enough and long enough and the masses will accept this lie as truth." This is exactly what The Churches have done and you have accepted.

Let us look at Eph:2:8, the verse which you quote:

"For by Grace you have been Saved
by Faith and not works lest any man
Boast, it is The Gift of God."

Starting with Luther and His Reformers, followed by Baptist and Pentecostals, Eph:2:8 has been twisted into The Lie of Guaranteed Heaven! They run with the word "Saved" and claim it means Automatic Heaven. "All you must do is Have Faith and your place in Heaven is secured."

But this is not What Paul is speaking about at all!

Where in the above verse does Paul mention Heaven or Guaranteed Heaven? Paul, in Eph:2:8 is speaking about The Forgiveness of Sin.

Paul tells us that we cannot earn Forgiveness. It is a Gift from God which Jesus earned for us on the Cross.

Once Jesus saves us from our sins, what we have done wrong (past tense), we are called to a New Life in Christ.

If we read Revelation chapters 2 and 3, We will understand this, that we must Follow Jesus and Overcome sins (Present Tense) or we are lost. (Rev:3:10-12).

The Book of Revelation is The Final Authority of Scripture. The Letters to The Seven Churches, chapters 2 and 3, are clear, concise and practical and not speculative at all. Any and all False Doctrine that Deceivers preach from The Pulpits is Disproved by Jesus' Letters to The Seven Churches.

To Ignore The Book of Revelation is to open your heart and mind to deception and lies!

God Bless You
Pastor Harry/Ch of Phl-Int


From: Sem24rules
Date: 8/20/01 2:19:57 AM EST
To: Pastor Harry
Subject: Worthiness

I agree with you on many areas such as eternal security, being worthy, and helping others.

But I want to discuss your views on the rapture. Actually, I despise the term, but I believe the so-called rapture is "the day of the Lord", "the last day". These are what the Bible refers to the day Jesus returns to planet Earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The scriptures used by Falwell, Robertson, Hagee and others that teach a ‘rapture’ are simply the second coming of Christ. Paul, Peter, and Jesus all speak of this day. The loud noise or the sound of a trumpet refers to the same day.

I'm not trying to change your stance on what you believe; I'm e-mailing you because I appreciate your stance against these false teachings that I believe are very detrimental to the welfare of Christianity. The worthiness you speak of is simply living a Christian life.

I do believe all of these false teachings will come to pass (Jesus said they would) before any of the events you speak about on your website come to pass. One thing for sure, everyone will stand before Jesus. He will either be your savior or he will be your judge.


Hello and thank you for writing. Jesus taught us that by following His Teachings, (i.e., The Christian Walk) we "overcome evil". This makes us Worthy of Heaven. (Rev:3:12/ Mat:10:37-38). Protestant Dogma has replaced Jesus' Definition of Worthiness with simply, "Having Faith" or Belief Alone. This Lie is called Eternal Security by Baptists and Eternal Assurance by The Pentecostal Sects. It sets-up a "comfort zone" where as Christians can basically do as they wish, and believe they will go to Heaven. Martin Luther and his Reformers started this Falsehood, as well as burning thousands of suspected "witches" at the stake!

The Rapture that Christians speak of is really The Resurrection found in 1 Thes:4:16. This occurs during The Great Tribulation (to come) and is The Second Rapture or Earth Evacuation.

The "Surprise" Rapture for The Christians, who have the courage to Reject Church Dogma and follow Jesus Teachings of Light in this darkened world, will come before The Tribulation

Falwell, Hagee, Hal Lindsay, and now Tim LaHaye, and his Left-Behind book series, take The Resurrection (1 Thes:4:16) and weave it together with The Lie of Eternal Security, "Guaranteed Heaven" with a Prophetic Twist. Here is their Best-Selling Proclaimation,

1]The Resurrection (Rapture) happens BEFORE The Tribulation starts.

2] All Born-again Christians are Guaranteed to be raptured (taken).

Over 40 Million "Christians" believe This Lie and await their "rapture." The irony is those who follow these Profiteers of Prophecy will be Left-Behind to Face The Antichrist 666.

All the more reason to read The Gospel for ourselves, and not follow Men who corrupt The Gospel for financial gain.


From: Catiosca
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 08:06:33 -0400 (EDT)
To: Pastor Harry
Subject: Cloning and Stem Cell Research

Dear Pastor Harry:

I would like to know what your opinion and feelings are on cloning and stem cell research?

I do not agree that man should be playing GOD. GOD gave man knowledge, but as usual they want to be GOD or GOD like.

We will be destroyed for sure because of this practice and many other things that we are doing that aren't right with GOD.



I agree with you. Stem Cell Research has promise in curing diseases but many Scientists are not content to stop here. They are driven by pride to Clone Man, in their own image! I do not believe God will allow Human Cloning to advance, to allow a race of "Designer Children" to come about.

Bible Prophecy seems to Coincide with Human Cloning. The Cloners predict they will clone The First Human Infant between 2002 and 2006 AD. This may be correct, but it will probably take a few more years. The Mayan Doomsday Year of 2012 AD may well be The Year when they present their "creation" to the world?

The Bible Code repeats The Date: 2006 AD for The Apocalypse to begin. This does fall in line with The Plans of The Cloners.

In The Gospel, Jesus taught we can ESCAPE what is to come in The First of Two Raptures! Those who follow Jesus' Teachings -- not The Lies of The Church -- will be taken. (Lu:21:34-36) These are called The Church of Philadelphia (Believers) in The Book of Revelation.

God Bless you,
Pastor Harry/CH of Phl-Int

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From: TiborcioGarza
Date: 8/16/01 10:35:52 AM EST
To: Pastor Harry
Subject: Cloning

I think human cloning will happen because The Book of Revelation says that the Beast will make an image (clone) of himself.


Human Cloning will happen, and I believe this will Trigger The Biblical Apocalypse. Bible Prophecy seems to coincide with Man's attempts to Clone Humanity.

In Revelation, Antichrist is called "The Beast". This could be a reference to Human Cloning. It is possible that A Cloned Human would not have a soul, or have a warped or deranged soul.

Antichrist may also be called "The Beast" because of His inhuman, cruel heart. He will cause Millions of Christians to be Put To Death because they will not worship Him as God and Christ. (Rev:13).

As we study Bible Prophecy and The Book of Revelation, always remember that The Theme is Escape in The First of Two Raptures. Forget The Happy Lies of Tim LaHaye and The Left Behind Book Series.

Jesus Taught that only those who Follow Him will be "accounted worthy" to Escape The Great Tribulation. (Lu:21:34-36).

Action, not mere faith is the key!

God Bless you
Pastor Harry/CH of Phl-Int


From: WhiteWolfe78
Date: 8/16/01 3:46:51 AM EST
To: NYC666NYC@aol.com
Subject: Nostradamus

You say that Nostradamus talked to Satan. So I must ask this question:

Why would Satan want mankind to have record of, and/or know of his plans for mankind?

I am sorry, Sir but this just does not make sense. You also assume that Nostradamus is of the same religon as you, this is hard to believe with all the changes in religon since the mid 1500's.

What I find is the Nostradamus was and/or is a GOD fearing man, enough so that GOD gave him one of the THREE POWERS, so that mankind might have a chance to mend its ways, before GOD, the all loving, kills us all.

PS: A cruel irony in the last words wouldn’t you say?


As YHWH God has His prophets who show His Plan, Satan also has his Prophets. Of course, Satan wants us to believe his messengers, not The Lord's.

Nostradamus never claimed to be A Christian. Nostradamus used The Occult Practices of Divination (banned in The Bible) to contact a "Being of Light," who revealed visions of the future to him. Nostradamus wrote his Predictions in Obscure Quatrains to protect himself from The Witch Burners of his day. So he certainly would not reveal that this "Light Bearer" is Lucifer!

Nostradamus wrote there will be Three Antichrists before "Christ" returns. 1) Napolean, 2) Hitler, 3) An Arabic War Lord (to come).

Then Nostradamus says "Christ" will set up His Kingdom. According to The Bible this 4th Person is not "Christ" but Antichrist, The Beast of Rev 13, who will trigger a Second Holocaust and W.W. III. So if we follow Nostradamus, we will accept Satan's Son (Antichrist) as Savior.

God "The All Loving" does not wish to kill anyone! He simply cannot have the hatred and evil of earth brought into Heaven. God's Plan, as revealed in The Book of Revelation, is of ESCAPE in Two "Raptures" or Earth Evacuations. Those who follow Jesus' Ways of Love and Truth will Escape In The First Rapture. Everyone else will have a Chance for Heaven in The Second Rapture. This is The Resurrection (1 Thes:4:16). and happens During The Tribulation.






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God Bless You

Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia Internet