6.6.08: The complex, Philadelphia Code has run its course, taking us to a final and specific day when this attack is encoded to happen and was PREVENTED.

UPDATE: 6-7-08: This Bible Code was clearly set to happen on 6-6-08 as "668" was encoded with "THE DAY" & MISSILE and POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE. This code also told us, CIA- BLAMES- IRAN- EVILDOER and I believe this is true.

I believe Iran was behind this Bio Attack on Philadelphia. According to this Bible Code, MAY 11 was when EBOLA was to released in Philadelphia as a "SILENT PLAGUE"... and then a week later a MISSILE would be launched at the city to trigger mass panic and evacuations = with infected people spreading the deadly EBOLA Virus across America.

This two stage attack seems exactly what Iran threatened the USA with on MAY 8 08 when Iran's Nazi Leader said, "THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES IS IMMIMENT" (days away) = like three days away = MAY 11.

On 6-6-08, things became too "hot for Iran to launch a Missile Attack, thanks to The FBI ALERT: (MAY 28 08). There was too great a chance a team of Iranian backed Terrorists would be captured and killed with IRAN CAUGHT IN THE ACT.

MAY 28 08: THE FBI ISSUED A WARNING TO LAW ENFORCEMENT IN ALL MAJOR U.S. CITIES OF THE THREAT OF A BIOLOGICAL ATTACK. I believe the USA Government, possibly working with Israeli Intel, used the Bible Code to prevent this horrific, Ebola Attack on the City of Philadelphia. DID OUR SITE PLAY A ROLE IN THIS? WE SURE HOPE WE DID.

The reason for this "prevention" is found in the Book of Genesis. God told Abraham, "If there are ten righteous (men) in the city of Sodom, I will spare the city from destruction". There was not ten righteous in this ancient city yet I believe there are ten "righteous" in the City of Philadelphia, ten true followers of JESUS. For this reason, GOD spared the city from this nightmare plague.


MAY 8, 08, ISRAEL "Reset" Doomsday saying "ISRAEL now believes IRAN may have a nuclear weapon between the next three months and JUNE 2009". This means Israel must launch a military strike to at least destroy Iran's Nuclear Facility at Nammuz. IN ALL PROBABILITY, THIS ATTACK ON IRAN WILL HAPPEN BETWEEN JUNE 06 2008 AND SEPT 29 2008, WHILE PRESIDENT BUSH IS STILL IN OFFICE AND IS A STRONG ALLY AND DEFENDER OF ISRAEL.

This First Strike on Iran will trigger The Apocalypse. (THE BIBLE CODE SHOWS THIS ATTACK IN 2010/5770 HC). The "Doomsday Clock" is ticking... HOW IS YOUR ESCAPE PLAN? (Lu:21:34-36, Matt:24:40-44, Rev:3:8-10).

"BEHOLD A MYSTERY", ISRAEL AND THE BIBLE CODE: I believe there are two major reasons why GOD encoded the Bible. First, to show us all today, our computer generation, that GOD really gave the Five Books to Moses. (that men did not write the Bible on their own accord). Second, The Bible Code serves as a Prophetic Warning System for The Nation of Israel and here is how and why.

note: There are many who claim the Bible Code is just "possibilities" and the code is only useful to look at past events. But this makes no sense. As the Bible was encoded 3500 years ago, every event encoded is a future event. Second, what value is there for God to encode future events as possibilities only?

THE WISDOM OF GOD: Let's say that God has set (fixed) the start of The Tribulation for MAY 2010 AD. This is timed to an event in deep space that will happen approx four years later and trigger POLAR SHIFT, bringing Judgment upon the world that will follow Antichrist (666) and partake in a future Holocaust against Christians.

Yet there are terrorists who plan to launch devastating, Terror Attacks against Israel and trigger W.W. III before 2010 AD. So what does GOD do?

GOD encodes The Bible (Torah) knowing that Israel would discover and use the Bible Code to prevent possible terror attacks, especially after The ASSASSINATION of PM YITZAK RABIN WAS ENCODED (1995) and The 911 Attack on the WTC was encoded (2001).

Now let's say Israel used the Bible Code to prevent two major terror attacks, in 2006 and 2007. Then GOD uses the bible code and our Ministry to PREVENT The MAY 2008 Attack on Philadelphia, taking us to SEPT 2008 and possibly into 2009. Then Israel prevents a third major terror attack (in 2009) taking us to 2010, the Year when GOD set the Tribulation to start. So the Bible Code explains "how" GOD is able to have things start in his own perfect timing.

BEYOND THEORY: Here are two terror attacks that I believe ISRAEL actually prevented using The Bible Code.


For three weeks before this date, Israel was at war with Hezbollah (proxy war with Iran) who were launching thousands of missiles at Israeli cities and towns. Then ISRAEL found the bible code warning of AUG 22 2006 encoded with "bio-attack"- Anthrax- Missiles.

Approx 4 days before AUG 22 2006, Israel launched a massive bombing attack on Southern Beirut. This attack was so intense, the UN and the Moslem world were screaming "overkill" and "war crimes". Yet I believe Israel destroyed these deadly missiles and launchers and the bio-attack was averted.

If Iran (thru Syria) was planning to send these bio missiles to Hezbollah, all access roads & bridges of transport were destroyed as well as the missile launchers. Israel also set up a naval blockade to STOP any Syrian ships from getting to Hezbollah. Coincidence?

Ahmadinejad, the neo nazi leader of Iran, also pre-planned and gave a major speech as to their nuclear program on AUG 22 2006. I don't believe events in Israel went as he hoped and planned. Israel was not hit by a bio-attack.


The Bible code showed JULY 24 2007 encoded with PM OLEMRT- ASSASSINATEED - GUNMAN - IN THE MORNING - ISRAEL. Obviously PM Olmert of Israel was not assassinated. Then in OCT 2007, the Israeli Military announced they "prevented an assassination attempt on Pm Olmert, three months ago." That would be JULY 2008 = JULY 24 200& (Bible Code).

Hopefully, GOD used the Bible Code and our site to PREVENT the MAY 2008 attack on Philadelphia= PREVENTION - YOU - RADIO

(important note). This CODE-PREVENTED just means that GOD wanted us to use the Bible Code to PREVENT this horrific bio-attack on Philadelphia. Terrorists could still launch a lesser attack this month (or JUNE) in the form of a "dirty bomb" and MISSILE is encoded with 22 which could be 22 EYER = MAY 27) in the Philadelphia Code. So it is very possible the Tribulation could still START before SEPT 2008.

Updated: 6.6.08

Here is the original page as to the Bible Code and the terror attack that was to happen on 6.6.08. Note how specific this code was as to this terror attack.

DATE: 6-6-08

To show you how real this code is, on MAY 28, 08, THE FBI issued a warning to all U.S. cities to the possibility of a biological attack.

BIBLE CODE UPDATE: MAY 27 08: The Philadelphia-Ebola Code shows "22" encoded with MISSILE and IN THE MORNING. MAY 22 has passed as did "22 EYER" = MAY 27, WITHOUT A MISSILE ATTACK.

In this complex code I found something very strange, "668" is encoded (9x) with THE DAY, MISSILE & IN THE MORNING. Is "668" a code for a hidden date, 6-06-08 as there is no zero in Hebrew? "POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE" is also found in this code.


The complexity of this Bible Code with its two phase attack and multiple dating could be because it is THE APOCALYPSE CODE and unfolding before our eyes. If this missile attack happens, the code says, CIA BLAMES IRAN and BUSH - WAR- ANNIHILATION. Pres. Bush would launch a massive strike against Iran, which will trigger The Apocalypse. JESUS warns us to "Watch and Be Ready", and this Bible Code and the possibility of a missile attack on Philadelphia gives us a clear event to watch for.

Here is a chart showing the Dates in the Philadelphia Code, the two phase attack in the Bible Code, what happened on these dates and what could happen next.


CODE DATE                           CODE EVENT         WHAT HAPPENED


MAY 11 (holiday)           EBOLA RELEASED         PREVENTED


MAY 22                           MISSILE LAUNCH         POSTPONED

MAY 27 (22 EYER)          MISSILE LAUNCH           POSTPONED


6-6-08    "668" THE DAY - MISSILE ???

As of MAY 22 2008, it does seem this Bible Code was prevented, well one phase of this code was prevented= "SILENT PLAGUE, WATER CONTAMINATED, BY HUMAN HANDS. The problem is this complex code also contains a MISSILE ATTACK and this code started out using the Hebrew Calendar, with the "Eve of Eyer".

The Eve of Eyer (MAY 05) was encoded with DEFIANCE and this was a day of DEFIANCE by Iran as they stated three times that "no threat will deter their nuclear program." In this code, the word "missile" is encoded 3x with the number "22". In Hebrew, the 22 of EYER = MAY 27. YET NO MISSILE ATTACK HAPPENED ON EITHER DATE = POSTPONED.

Again this code says MISSILE encoded with "668" and "THE DAY" which can be the date for 6-6-08 and this code does say, POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE.


So we have one more clear, possible date for this missile attack JUNE 6 2008 = 6-6-08. Often times Terrorists have a back up plan. In any case, I believe the worst aspect of this attack was PREVENTED- terrorists releasing EBOLA in Philadelphia as a silent and invisible plague.

note: I am not trying to "extend" the code in the hope another day will make it come true as many accuse me of. THE CODE IS WHAT IT IS. It is a true dilemma when we are trying to understand this code with its two phase attack, multiple series of dates and not know which calendar to use, Hebrew and English? There is no "user manual" for the Bible Code and we learn from experience, past mistakes and misinterpretations. Then again, as this code seems to unfold before our eyes, it may be best to reserve judgment and "go with the flow".

In JAN 08, I found, "PREVENTION - YOU - RADIO" encoded with The PHILADELPHIA- EBOLA- TERROR Bible Code. It was upon this information that we set out on a media campaign hoping to make this code known as Awareness = Prevention. Even the skeptics must admit it is much harder for Terrorists to launch an attack if its found in the Bible Code and splashed all across the Internet as well as over 30 radio interviews.

We also sent out, as did many others, email to The White House, The CIA, NSA, FBI, HLS, CDC, warning about this Bible Code and the Threat to Philadelphia for MAY 2008. It seems our prevention campaign was successful because "someone was listening".

4-4-08: The City of Philadelphia released their Emergency Evacuation Plan in case of a "Hazardous Incident".

4-30-08: Def Sec, Gates announced USA is sending a second,aircraft carrier/battle group to the Persian Gulf to "Send Iran a message". Beyond the message to stop their nuclear program, was the message also warning Iran not to launch an attack on Philadelphia or they will be annihilated? (remember the bible code blames IRAN for planning this MAY Attack on Philadelphia).

5-1-08: DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY warns small boat owners to be aware of suspicious actibity on the water as quote, "Terrorists could use a small boat to launch a missile" (one of two exact scanarios this Bible Code warned of).

5-28-08: The FBI issues an ALERT to Law Enforcement agencies in all USA cities of the threat of a BioLogical Attack.

I believe this increased awareness of a terror attack on Philadelphia is a direct result of how GOD used the Bible Code to PREVENT both Phases of this horrific attack, when Ebola could have been released as a silent and invisible plague. (again, it is still possible a missile could be launched on MAY 27 = 22 EYER).

We may also have clear evidence as to how this attack was prevented, unless of course you choose to believe a news story that defies belief.

On MAY 09, The Canadian Police stopped a Train heading towards NYC and Philadelphia, two days before the MAY 11 Attack (Bible Code). Men in HAZMAT Bio Suits quickly quarantined two train cars as seven passengers were sick with flu-like symtoms from a "mystery illness". These infected passengers who taken to a hospital under police escort with military helicopters. The next day "disinformation" was sent out as a follow up news story saying,"the older women who died was from a different (unnamed) mystery illness than the (unnamed) mystery illness that the other six passengers were sickened from". (it is also strange for Canadian Authorities to take such a rapid and serious precaution to a mere "influenza"?).

One fact is clear, ISRAEL "reset" Doomsday saying "They now believe IRAN will have a nuclear weapon between the next three months and JUNE 2009". This means Israel has to launch a military strike to at least destroy Iran's Nuclear Facility at Nammuz. THE QUESTION IS WHEN? The result of Israel's First Strike will be "Holy War" exploding against Israel, leading to global chaos, the First of Two Raptures, then the coming of Antichrist and the start of The Tribulation. (there is also a Bible Code that says IRAN - DESTROYED - EARTHQUAKE- 2010 so Israel may wait to see if this disaster event happens. "WATCH AND BE READY". (Matt:24:44).

Again, thru The Bible Code, this will happen in God's perfect timing and not back in 2006, 2007 or MAY 11, 2008.

Only when we view the Bible Code as a Prophetic Warning System for ISRAEL, aligned with God's Perfect Timing, does The Bible Code make sense. Again this explains why certain key codes do not happen = BECAUSE THEY WERE PREVENTED!

In closing, for myself,I will remain open to God's Leading and perhaps finding another code to discover, post, speak about and possibly PREVENT, according to God's Will and Plan.

God Bless in these END Times
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

fn1: one of the largest phrases found in the Bible Code says, GOD HAS ENCODED, GOD IS TRUTH. here is a page that shows clear proof that the Bible Code was truly "encoded" and not a series of amazing "coincidences".


fn2:As I have also said many times, your Salvation does not depend upon beleiving The Bible Code is real or not. The Bible Code exists for those who study it to see what is there. What is wrong and will affect your Salvation is to attack, mock and slander those who study and believe in the Bible Code. To treat others in this cruel and unloving manner that shows an "unworthy" walk with GOD and they will be LEFT BEHIND in the First of Two Raptures, for the Limited Christians who do walk in the love and truth of God.