<html> <head> <TITLE>HILLARY AND THE OPEN CONSPIRACY TO BRING FORTH ANTICHRIST 666</TITLE> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <META name="description" content="The Open Conspiracy To Bring Forth Antichrist as world Messiah and Hillary Clinton"> <META name="KEYWORDS" content="nwo, illuminati, 666, hillary, antichrist, trump, bible code, lottery, jan 20 2016, church of philadelphia, worthy church, rapture, two raptures, bible code, decemeber, 30, 2018, star wars, mall attacks, terror attack, mall of america, lottery, respite, precents,christmas season, terror attack, shopping mall, shooting massacre- santa killed, obama, hillary, 9th of ab, antichrist, blood moon eclipse, Tetrad, Israel, passover, SUkkot, April 15 2015, first Eclipse, two raptures bible code, HILLARY, Hillary Clinton, PRESIDENT, 2016, HARRY, PROPHET, , w.w.III, Obama, guns, disarm, assault weapons ban, 2012, mayans, lottery, doomsday, harry walther,prophet, God, jeremiah, warning, church of philadelphia, bible code, apocalypse, 2012, 2014-2015, Revelation,mumbai, obama, terror, 911, shooting, massacre, martial law, Antichrist, Maitreya, Harry Walther, pastor harry, satan, sex church, 666, 6606, June 6 2006, shareintl.org, Revelation, Bible Code, Da Vinci Code, Bible Code, Opus Dei, benjamin creme, doomsday talk radio, coast to coast radio, sherry shriner, rapture, sex and antichrist, lucifer, sherry talk radio, satan, devil's children, prophecy,sex, censorshop, antichrist, Nibiru,apocalypse,bible code, end times deception, Nazism, Satanism, aryanism & sherry shriner, sherrytalkradio with pastor harry, serpent seed, reptilians, vampires, skinheads, Holocaust, Aliens, swastica, aryan nations, Israel, prince harry, master race, prince william, neo nazi, chosen race, return of the jedi, Holocaust, genetics, Christian Identity, Genesis three, seed of satan, Ku Klux Klan"> <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 2.0"> </head> <body background="images/star_bkg.gif" bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" link="#FFCC00" vlink="#FFFF00"> <center><b> <p><font face="Arial" size=+3 color="#00FF33"><b> THE REAL AND OPEN UNITED NATIONS CONSPIRACY TO FORCE THE NEW AGE OF LUCIFER UPON THE WORLD AND HOW TO ESCAPE 666 IN THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES </b></font></p> <CENTER> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg"></p> <p><font face="Arial" size=+3 color="#FFCC66"><b> Hello and welcome to our prophecy site. I am Pastor Harry, the author and host of this site. <font size=+2> I do not believe in the coming "New Age" nor do I believe in the Catholic Church (325 AD) or in the Protestant & Baptist Churches (1500 AD to today). <font color="RED"> THESE ARE THE FALSE CHURCHES THAT SATAN BUILT TO LEAD THE WORLD ASTRAY. </p> <p><font color="#FFCC66"> I believe in the first century Church that JESUS started in Jerusalem That Was Based -upon JESUS as 'THE CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD", not the False Roman "Trinity" of 325 AD. We also believe in JESUS' Message of Repentance, Worthyness and of ESCAPE from A Future Apocalypse (666) that will come upon the world at the Time of the End, which is now. </p> <p><font face="Arial" size=+2 color="#FFCC66"><b> As to what will soon come upon the world, (2016-2021) it doesn't matter if you believe in Bible Prophecy or The Bible Code, it doesn't matter if You believe in GOD and The Devil or in what Religion you may believe in, AS THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS HARD AND COLD FACT: <font color="#00FF33">THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UNITED NATIONS, THEIR RELIGION AND THEIR PLAN FOR HUMANITY. </b></font></p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg"><font face="Arial" size=+2 color="#00FF33"><b> 2012: ACCORDING TO THE DEVIL, A New Spirituality (based upon Buddhism) has begun, A Shift in Human Consciousness, where as people start to see themselves as "divine beings" and tap-into their "god-within".. This (is said) will create World Peace as Love and Light fills the Earth. The "Problem" is that The Crux of this New Spirituality is Luciferic and they Plan A Second Holocaust for All Who Resist 666... "The Coming Doctrine of Antichrist" promoted by The United Nations. </b></font></p> <p><font face="TIMES NEW ROMAN" size=+3 color="#00FF33"><b> "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM", THE ORDER <br> OF THE NEW AGE OF LUCIFER. </b></font></p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg"><font face="Arial" size=+3 color="#FFFFFF"><b> FACT: there is an open and global conspiracy and movement to bring forth a One World Government, a New World Order. This government is a Theocracy, a Socialist Government based upon a Religion. </p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg"> FACT: This world religion is being promoted by The UNITED NATIONS and this religion is Luciferic. This means they believe that Lucifer (satan) is the true god and guide of humanity and YHWH GOD, the God of the Bible is a wicked, evil "Extra- Terrestrial". </p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg"> FACT: The Writings of Alice Bailey, a satanist and spiritual channeler, form the cornerstone of this coming Luciferic world religion. Alice Bailey believed that "Hitler and Nazi Germany was a "failed attempt to bring about this "New Age of Mankind". </p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg">FACT: Alice Bailey wrote of a coming, Global Theocracy, of A "Luciferic" Initiation (666) and the "cleansing" of the races which is The Crux of this coming Religious System. </p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg">As of 1982, THE UNITED NATIONS OPENLY PROMOTES THIS LUCIFERIC RELIGION AND ITS "GREAT INVOCATION" (of SATAN). They believe that thru this new world system, they will attain lasting Peace and end all war, suffering and poverty. </p> <p> <font color="#FF0000">"AND THRU PEACE HE SHALL DESTROY MANY". </p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg"><font color="#FFFFFF"> FACT: This Spiritual Movement will be led by Antichrist when he comes as "world teacher" savior of "all religions, faiths and creeds". Antichrist will start The "Luciferic Initiation" (666) which is the Crux of this world system, THE CURRENT POPE HAS ALREADY ACCEPTED LUCIFER AS GOD OF EARTH AND ANTICHRIST AS THIS WORLD MESSIAH. </p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg">The Antichrist/United Nations Agenda also plans a Second Holocaust, Mass Death for millions of people who refuse to accept Lucifer (Satan) as God and receive this Digital Scannable Tattoo. (see Rev:13:16-18). </p> <p><font size=+2 color="#FF0000"> THIS IS WHEN PEACE BECOMES EVIL, WHEN CONNECTED TO A GLOBAL SATANIC RELIGION, THAT WILL BE BASED UPON SEX, SEX AS RELIGION, SEX AS THE PATH TO GOD, SEX AS "ONENESS" WITH GOD AND DEATH TO ALL WHO REFUSE. (Mystery Babylon/Rev:17:5). </b></font></p> <p><img src= "usa.jpg"><font face="Impact" size=+3 color="#FFFFFF"><b> AMERICA IN NOV 2008, JUST AS WITH GERMANY AND HITLER'S NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY IN 1939, HAS ELECTED ITS OWN DOOM AND DESTRUCTION. </p> <p>AND JUST AS WITH NAZI GERMANY, OBAMA SEES AMERICA AND ITS CHURCHES AS FILLED WITH FEAR AND KNOWS HE CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS FEAR TO PUSH HIS AGENDA. </b></font></p> <p><img src= "dollar1.jpg"><font face="Arial" size=+3 color="#FFFFFF"><b> FACT: Obama and his Liberal, Socialist Democratic Party are facilitators of this New World Order and will work to conform the United States towards this goal which includes the Disarmament of America and the Restriction of many of our First Amendment Rights... And Soon Obama Will Pass The "Torch" To HILLARY... The Final Nail in The Coffin of America and The World. </p> <p><font size=+2 color="#FFCC66"> (2016-2017) HILLARY CLINTON IS THE SELECTION OF THE ILLUMINATI TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND SHE WILL WELCOME AND ACCEPT ANTICHRIST- IN HIS UFO ARRIVAL IN JERUSALEM. HILLARY WILL ALSO BE THE USA PRESIDENT WHO IS THE FIRST WORLD LEADER TO SIGN OVER ALL POWER & SOVERNTY OF AMERICA TO ANTICHRIST AND THE NWO. AND THIS MEANS THAT DONALD TRUMP WILL BE STOPPED BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY- ASSASSINATION INCLUDED. </b></font></p> <p><a href="trumpcode.htm"> <font face="IMPACT" size=+3 color="#FF0000"> BIBLE CODE: TRUMP ASSASSINATED </b></font></a></p> <p><a href="hillary2016.htm"> <font face="IMPACT" size=+3 color="#FFCC66"> HILLARY WINS AS PRESIDENT- ACCEPTS <br> ANTICHRIST, UFO ARRIVAL- JERUSALEM </b></font></a></p> <p><img src= "ufo.jpg"><font face="IMPACT" size=+3 color="#FF0000"><b> Bible Prophecy, over 2000 years ago, warned us of this coming world religion, Satanic Initiation (666) a Second Holocaust that will be led by Antichrist, The Beast, The Son of Satan. (REV:13). </p> <p><font size=+2> OBAMA WAS NOT THE ANTICHRIST, NOT THE SAVIOR OF ALL <br> RELIGIONS, FAITHS AND CREEDS, BUT JUST A PAWN IN A <BR> GAME TO BRING FORTH THE LUCIFERIC KING. </p> <p><img src= "ufo.jpg"><font size=+3> Bible Prophecy warns us that Antichrist will lead a Second Holocaust against Christians that lasts for 1260 Days and then his kingdom will be shattered by global cataclysm and destruction (i.e POLAR SHIFT). Those who believe in this coming Satanic Theocracy believe they shall rule for 3000 years vs 3.5 years (Bible). </b></font></p> <p><font face="Arial" size=+2 color="#FFFFFF"><b> Bible Prophecy tells us that we can ESCAPE what is to come= in The First of Two Rapture Events. JESUS taught us to be "prepared not scared" just as in the days of Noah and his ark of safety. </p> <p> The "Trigger" for the First Rapture and the Coming Apocalypse is when Israel is forced to attack Iran to stop their nuclear threat as the Muslim World turns against them and Obama leads the push to give The Palestinians their own terror state with East Jerusalem as its capital. </b></font></p> <p><font face="IMPACT" size=+4 color="#FF0000"><b> THE QUESTION IS, WHERE WILL <br> YOU BE WHEN THE SCREAMING STARTS? </b></font></p> <p><a href="realun.htm"><font face="IMPACT" size=+3 color="FFFFFF"> <b>THE REAL AGENDA OF THE UNITED NATIONS</b></font></a></p> <p><img src= "gate888.jpg"></p> <p><a href="7772.htm"> <font face="IMPACT" size=+3 color="#FFCC66"> THE PROPHECY OF THE CHURCH OF <BR> PHILADELPHIA AND TWO RAPTURES </b></font></a></p> <p><font face="Arial" size=+3 color="#FFCC66"><b> Is Your Walk Worthy? </p> <p><Font size=+2 color="#CCFFFF"> God Bless You <br>Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia Internet </font></b></p> <p><a href="harry2010.htm"> <font face="IMPACT" size=+3 color="#00FF33"> <b>MY AMAZING PASTOR HARRY <BR> 2016 RAPTURE CODE </b></font></a></p> <p><a href="theaterofpain.htm"> <font face="Impact" size=+2 color="#FFFFFF"> <b>FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT<br> TWO RAPTURES IN REVELATION </b></font></a></p> <p><a href="index.htm"> <font face="Arial" size=+2 color="#9933FF"> <b>Home</b></font></a></p> <p><font face="Arial" size=+2 color="#FF0000"><b> COPYRIGHT 2002- 2011 HARRY WALTHER & SATANSRAPTURE.COM, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED and COPYRIGHT 1997-2011 ESCAPE 666 BIBLE PROPHECY REVEALED & HARRY WALTHER, All Rights Reserved </p><BR><BR> </B></font> </TABLE> </CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>