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Knife-wielding hijackers commandeered four planes on Tuesday and flew two into New York's World Trade Center, toppling the two highest structures in the city; a third seriously damaged the Pentagon. The fourth hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania.

President George W. Bush, facing the defining moment of his eight-month-old presidency, called the attacks "an act of war" which he vowed to win. "This will be a monumental struggle of good versus evil, but good will prevail," the president said after meeting his top security aides in the White House Cabinet room. "This battle will take time and resolve, but make no mistake about it, we will win," he said.

Could The Terrorist Attack on The World Trade Center be what Nostradamus predicted all along?

Is The Biblical Apocalypse about to begin?

"In the year 1999 and seven months,
The Great, King of Terror shall
Come from the sky. He will bring
to life the King of The Mongols.
Before and after Mars reigns
C10 Q 72


"1999 and Seven months" in The Original French Translation is "1999 and September Mois." This can either mean The Seventh Month Which is July or September Month.

This Attack on America did happen on 11 September,
But in 2001 AD, not 1999AD or 2000 AD.

Some Scholars of Nostradamus claim that The Calendar Nostradamus used started The Millennium in 2001 AD and not in 2000 AD as our present day, Gregorian Calendar.

Yet there is no evidence for this.

The Calendar used in Nostradamus' Day was The Julian Calendar, which is only 14 days slower than our Gregorian Calendar.

The Ancient Hebrew Calendar is 3-4 months ahead of our Calendar.
If Nostradamus was using The Hebrew Calendar, The New Year in falls between SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER.


The Attack against America did "come from the sky"
And create a State of Panic and Terror across America.

Yet this Attack was in The Form of Three Airliners used as Missiles, and not from One Great King of Terror that
Comes from the sky.


Nostradamus wrote,” The Great King of Terror" will bring to Life The "King of The Mongols" which is China. US Military Strikes will be against Arabic Nations who helped these Terrorists carryout their 11 SEPTEMBER Attack against America, not China. Why would China rise up against the USA?

It doesn’t make sense, because it doesn’t apply.

I do not believe the above Quatrain is about the September11
Attack against The United States.

However, consider the following quatrain by Nostradamus:

"The sky will burn at forty-five degrees latitude,
Fire approaches The Great New City
Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up
When they want to have verification From The Normans."
C6 Q97

If we can accept a minor adjustment in the latitude (NYC Lat. = 40.77), and if we can consider massively loaded tanks of jet fuel as “Approaching Fire,” the quatrain could well be a foretelling of The World Trade Center Annihilation.

The “Great New City” is then, New York City
And “The Approaching Fire” is then,
The Plane Bomb Attack that
Destroyed Upwards of 6000 Human Beings,
And Has Brought Pain and Suffering to Many Thousands More.

Whether Nostradamus predicted The 11 September Attack on The World Trade Center or not, This Terrorist Act has Set in Motion
A Series of Events that will bring about The Apocalypse!

The World is Not going to End today, or on any day within
The Next 1000 years! Bible Prophecy tells us that God has
A Plan to Evacuate as Many People to Heaven Before
A Great Cataclysm destroys The Earth.

This Plan is A Seven Year Period known as
The Great Tribulation or Apocalypse which involves

The Coming of Antichrist, who will cause Everyone to finally choose between God and Satan, between Good and Evil (666).

As of 11 SEPTEMBER 2001 AD, Moslem Terrorists have Declared War
Against The United States. Their Agenda is two fold:

Use Terrorism To its Fullest Degree to Break The Will of America,
to drive the United States completely from The
Mid-East and To Forsake Israel as an Ally.

To take Jerusalem and Annihilate Israel,
Both as A Nation and A People!

This is The Harsh Reality of The 11 September Attack against America.

This is Just The Beginning of A Wave of Blood and
Terror against The United States, both here in America and Abroad!

When the news that The World Trade Center,
Had been Hit by Plane Bombs Reached Jerusalem,
Palestinians Danced in The Streets and Passed out Candy!

These Are People Who Want Peace?

The United States Military Response to The 11 September Attack on The World Trade Center will Escalate World Terrorism against The USA and Israel. This will eventually Trigger A Major War that will set The United States against many Moslem Nations, and very likley pit The US against Russia and China.

At The Height of This War
Antichrist Shall Be Revealed With
His Plan for World Peace!

When we parallel Events in The Book of Revelation with The Predictions of Nostradamus, it seems The "Great King of Terror from the Sky" is The Coming of Antichrist.

Nostradamus saw these Events but was mistaken about his Start-Date being "In the year 1999 and seven months."

In The Book of Revelation
The Great Tribulation Starts
With the Breaking of
The First Seal and
The Coming of Satan's Christ,
His World Savior.

"And Behold I looked and I saw a
Rider on a white horse. And a bow was
Given unto Him and he wore a Crown,
And he went out conquering and
To conquer."

The Crown that He wears represents The Power and Authority of Satan which shall be given unto him (Rev:13:1-4).

Antichrist will Conquer and become "King of The World."


"In the year 1999 and seven months,
the Great King of Terror shall
come from the sky. He will bring
to life"....

Nostradamus refers to The Great King of Terror" as a "He."
This suggests that He is a Person, A True King.

According to The Bible, He, Antichrist, will be The "King of Terror" to All who calls themselves, "Christian." This is because He will Conquer the world through Religion, a Mixture of Satanism and Sex. He will also Trigger A Second Holocaust, Death to All Who Will Not Worship Satan as God.

Nostradamus saw The Great King of Terror",
Come from The Sky.

This may be a Reference that Antichrist comes
To Earth In A Spaceship!

A Light In The Darkness

Just as in The Days of Noah, God offers us An Escape from
This Coming Apocalypse!

As The Events that strike Earth will be Global and Catastrophic such as Nuclear War and An Asteroid Impact to The Ocean, and As Believers are scattered all around the world,

The Building of A Wooden Ark will not offer Safety as in
The Case of The Great Flood.

In The Gospel, Jesus reveals This Future Escape will be in The Form of

A Rapture

Or Bodily Transfer from Earth to Heaven.

Don't be deceived by The False Theology presented in
The Left Behind book series.

Jesus said He will "take" only those who have
The Courage and Faith to Follow His Teachings,
Not The Dogma of Church and Men.

The True Followers of Jesus Do Not Simply Talk The Talk.

True Followers Walk The Walk,

With Love And Forgiveness, As Jesus Taught.

“Pure and Undefiled Religion
Before God The Father Is This,

To Visit Orphans and Widows
In Their Trouble”

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