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From: Mr. C. Queens-Belfast AC UK
To: escape666@webtv.net
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 15:23:49 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)

Dear Pastor Harry,

Could you let me know how to obtain the BIBLE DECODER PROGRAM and original Hebrew script.

I have been born again and am saved 14yrs now, although my spiritual growth is a lot less. A friend told me of your web site and I have ordered a copy of the Bible code. I would be very interested in obtaining the program and a copy of the original Hebrew code. I'm more sure than ever that we are in the last days and am eager to learn form God's Holy inspired word.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Mr. C.



From: ESCAPE666@webtv.net
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 10:37:12 -0500 (EST)
To: Mr. C. Queens-Belfast AC UK

Hello, and thank you for writing. We are seeking to obtain the actual Hebrew Matrix to post on our site for the Code: ESCAPE666 -- SPACESHIP- 2006...

The Bible decoder program {which I used to discover the above CODE} does not allow for a print out! Also, unless you know Hebrew, it is of limited use! There are other easier programs, which you do not have to understand Hebrew, however they may use a slightly different Hebrew Text which can alter the ELS Code! http://www.bibledecoder.com

I assure you that the CODE I have discovered is authentic! It is not something we can falsify because anyone can obtain this program and prove it exists or not!

As to the Bible Code itself -- it is not designed to REPLACE the written Text of Scripture; possibly serve as a supplement = adding information Ancient Israel {3500 b.c.} or the early could NOT understand that Church {35 a.d.}.

We truly are living in the Biblical "Time of the End"; be the START date 5/5/2000 --- 2006 {CODE} or 2012 a.d. -- And if we make it to 2020 a.d.? ALL IS IN GOD'S PERFECT TIMING! {ACTS 1:7}

God Bless you/ write and visit our site again! We usually update ESCAPE666 every week!

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT


Subj: Bible Code
Date: 03/13/2000 7:37:18 PM EST
From: Mr. James64
To: WhatYouThink666

Dear Harry,

For a long time, I have trusted your website as a great resource for interesting theories on Bible prophecy.

My mind suddenly changed when I read your "Escape 666 in Bible Code" article. This article prompted me to e-mail my friend, Roy A. Reinhold codes@ad2004.com, who has a great Bible Code website http://ad2004.com/Biblecodes/indexA.html Here are the e-mails back and forth from me to him. Take a look:


Subj: Bible Code Help!
Date: 3/10/00 8:51:01 PM EST
From: Mr. James64
To: Roy A. Reinhold

This website, Escape 666, which I believed to be a fairly trustworthy site completely shocked me today when I read that they claim themselves are encoded in the Bible Code and that the rapture is encoded with "Spaceship" along with "Escape 666" and two Rapture dates.

Personally, I feel this is B.S. but can you please check if it is in the Bible Code for me? I know it's a big favor to ask, but I sincerely need to know this, thank you so much! Here's a link, ESCAPE 666 BIBLE CODE PAGE

Thanks a ton,



Subj: Bible Code Help!
Date: 3/11/00 12:56:23 AM EST
From: Roy A. Reinhold
To: Mr. James64

Dear James,

For one thing, vav is not "w", but "vav vav" (2 vavs) is a w. Therefore to get www, they need 6 vavs in a row. Secondly, a matrix with one or a couple of terms is suspect. You can find a couple of associated terms close together in any text in any language. On the Codes in the Bible website, we don't even look at a matrix unless it has a dozen terms.

I have numerous articles and numerous large Bible code matrixes that point to the 7-year end-times period beginning either in the fall of 2002, or 2003. Since I teach and believe 100% in the pre-wrath rapture, then the rapture is possible in the fall of 2007, 2008, or 2009. I don't see any possiblity from my work of it happening in 2006. I have a Bible code matrix on the Second Coming with over 100 terms (I haven't made it public yet), and the scenario I paint above is corroborated by that matrix.

Therefore, I don't believe anything about this matrix Escape 666. However, since the beginning of the antichrist's 1260 day period of power begins about 2006 or 2007, it points to some possibilities. I think this matrix would have to be developed much more to see if it has any truth.

God bless, Roy A. Reinhold



I do still hold respect for the interesting things you offer on your website, but SPACESHIPS? I think you seriously need to re-consider that matrix, and you also need to write some sort of follow-up article explaining exactly what you think is gonna happen... Thanks!

Lord be with you,



Hello, and thank you for writing.

I studied the letter from the Bible Code "expert" {you contacted} who seeks to discredit the CODE, which I discovered. Here are some points to consider:

1. Vav - Vav - Vav has become synonymous with www {world wide web}. Yes to be technical: Vav/Vav {2} = W.
So I removed the association of ESCAPE  666 - WWW as this just gives our detractors a "tangent" to go off
on and ignore the reality of this amazing CODE that I found: ESCAPE  666 -- SPACESHIP - 2006 {5766 Hebrew}.

2- This "expert" claims He rejects all Codes {Matrix} unless they have at least 12 words. Would he reject a compete message/ code of 10 or 11 words?

I don't think so: it would quickly be posted on his site and probably the front page!

3. ESCAPE  666 {itself} is encoded not once but 10 times in the Bible Code. This shows me this UNIQUE phrase ESCAPE  666 is anything but "random".

4. ESCAPE666 going vertically "up" into SPACESHIP is amazing! Along with TWO RAPTURES -- this Code/ Matrix actually describes the CRUX of our site = the Prophecy of TWO RAPTURES!

5. 2006 is clearly encoded and parallels SPACESHIP in an equidistant pattern! {This Code actually forms a picture}.

THE DATE OF 2006 a.d {5766 Hebrew} is a recurring date in the Bible Code; connected to the Great Tribulation. This adds more credibility to the ESCAPE 666 --- SPACESHIP -- 2006 Matrix/Code.

6- I have found and am working on other Codes/Matrix which speak of TWO RAPTURES and our site! Both "Raptures" reveal distinct and different events that correspond to each RAPTURE in the Book of Revelation: Rev:4 and 5 vs Rev:14:14.

The DATES for Two Raptures: RAPTURE9AB {Mid July} and TISHRI {Hebrew Month = Mid Sept- Oct} appears in other places in the Bible Code as well!

7. The "expert" you contacted rejects the ESCAPE666 -- SPACESHIP -- 2006 Code simply because TWO RAPTURES differs from the views which he believes-in and teaches! {His mind is locked-into the false, "One Rapture -Only" {theology}. He also seems fixated upon 2002 or 2003 and the fall months which may or may not be a valid "date". In other words, his "mind is closed".

As far as the SPACESHIP goes; we do read of "Spaceships" or UFO's in the Bible! Ancient Israel called YHWH {God} the "rider on the clouds." {Psalm 68}. The best example of Spaceships in the O.T. is EZEK: chapters 1-10. Ezekiel is "transported" from Babylon {Iraq} to Jerusalem and returned!

I am not afraid to explore SPACESHIPS in the Old Testament: I seek the Truth to the mysteries locked in the pages of the Bible rather than running from it! What a sad state Christianity becomes when Christians FEAR what is written in their own Holy Book!

ESCAPE 666 is and always remains a Search for Biblical and Divine Truth! The Bible Code represents one such new and fantastic avenue of research! True, many Codes people find are just a few random words encoded together: but there are clear messages to be found! {The, JESUS - MESSIAH matrix is only two words yet is hailed by most scholars as a valid Bible Code Matrix!

ESCAPE666 --- SPACESHIP -- 2006 -- TWO RAPTURES -- is far less "random."

God Bless you and write again,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT


From: Damian, Przemek Sidoruk
To: Pastor Harry
Subject: Greetings from Danmark
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 17:10:59 -0800

Thank you for writing. I like your new page. This code is something new for me. Tell me about the other codes. I'm very interested.

P.S. Good Webmaster. Soon I will also be a webmaster for international UFO club.

Me and one of my family members want create something exciting. This will be UFO and this will be ALIENS.

I might even use this code because ESCAPE666 going into a SPACESHIP is fitting wery well on that page. And beside I like YOU and Your website. Website told me a lot -- same as you.

Thank You.


From: ESCAPE666@webtv.net
To: Damian, Przemek Sidoruk
Date: 3. March 2000 07:12
Subject: Bible Code Page

Hello, again! Glad you like our new page! It is something I have been working on for while and we are waiting for the other two HEBREW CODES.

The BIBLE CODE is NOT supposed to replace the written text: it could show us more things in ADDITION to the Bible Text?

God Bless you/ write again-
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Pastor Harry's Response Continued

From: ESCAPE666@webtv.net
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 16:45:47 -0500 (EST)
To: (Damian, Przemek Sidoruk)

Hello again, how are you?

In 1982 an Israeli Mathematician discovered that there were ELS codes hidden through-out the Old Testament: the first five Books of Moses! ELS means Equidistant Letter Sequencing. Say every 5 letters of a word forms the first letter of a new word such as E S C A P E 6 6 6.Codes range form one skip to 9000 some skips!

1} There are many RANDOM codes -- combinations of words that amount to nothing.

2} There seem to be prophecies that never came to pass; such as the word Comet --- smash Earth - 1997 {which never happened} as well as Millennium Bog {Y2K} economic crash -- anarchy -- war.

3} There does seem to be some real Prophecies in the BIBLE CODE; such as the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister - Y. Rabin.

4) And there is the ESCAPE 666 --- SPACESHIP -- 2006 Prophecy as well.

No one fully understands what these CODES mean, what they are saying to us, and most importantly of all -- ARE THE BIBLE CODES FROM GOD?.

The Bible Code may supplement the written Text of Scripture. It may tell us things that people living in 1500 b.c. could ave never understood. But the Bible Code is NOT designed to REPLACE the Written Text of the Bible!

We plan to post new CODES as I become aware of them and I hope our readers will send in some interesting codes as we'll!

God Bless you/ write again;
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. as far as the Grand Conjunction of Planets {5/5/2000}, keep watching for increased Earthquake and Volcanic activity {such as in Iceland the Philippines}. If the Grand Conjunction Triggers Mass Earthquakes, current activity will increase as the planets close in alignment!



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