Bible Prophecy Revealed

"We shall not go quietly into the night."

I created and founded ESCAPE666.COM in SEPT 1997 with Zbiginew Jastramski. ESCAPE666.COM was and is based upon my published Book, The Answer - Two Raptures 1986 HARRY WALTHER All Rights Reserved.

JUNE 1999 I had to move ESCAPE666.COM to URL: ESCAPE666.ORG where it was redesigned by myself (Harry Walther) and The Voice of DooM. In DEC 1999 I moved ESCAPE666, which was my site, material and design back to URL: ESCAPE666.COM. This is when David Abramson first became involved as my financial sponsor and editor of my new Updated book,


JUNE 24 2002 I was forced to move ESCAPE666.COM which was my site, written material and design to a new domain URL: www.SATANSRAPTURE.COM.

As you probably have seen www.ESCAPE666.COM has been radically transformed. Here is what happened.

My ex book editor & agent, DAVID ABRAMSON has Hijacked and stolen my site, ESCAPE666.COM. He now calls himself "The Webmaster".

MAY 01 2002 - JUNE 20 2002
David Abramson demanded 50 percent for the sales of my new book, SATAN'S RAPTURE 2002, HARRY WALTHER, All Rights Reserved, which is my updated version of my published book, THE ANSWER - TWO RAPTURES 1986 HARRY WALTHER, All Rights Reserved.

I agreed to the demand of David Abramson so that I could get this book out to you as soon as possible. This is because I believe we are Living in The "End Times" and The Great Tribulation will soon begin. "The Prophets Override Profits."

The problem was that even 50 percent was
Not enough for David Abramson.

David Abramson tried to extort me for $100,000 up front in book royalties for my new book before he would TRANSFER my site back to my name.

David Abramson also demanded 51 percent of my book sales in an LLC Corporation which he wanted to set up and control.

JUNE 22 2002 - 24 2002
I would not give in David Abramson's Extortion and Demands so he quit.

David Abramson promised me a six month long REDIRECT to my new site and I told him it would take me two weeks to have my new site ready and posted on The Internet.

JUNE 24 2002
David Abramson broke his promise of REDIRECT and removed my site material under False Pretense and without WARNING. Fortunately I had saved the site on backup discs which represents five years of my work, research, writing and design which was ESCAPE666.COM.

JUNE 25 2002
David Abramson locked me out of my own site and has stolen my readership. He launched a Campaign of Fraud, Slander and Copyright Infringement against me on ESCAPE666.COM from June 26 02 to July 6 02. I was able to have Abramson's twisted page, "What Happened to Pastor Harry?" and The Title, ESCAPE 666 Bible Prophecy Revealed, removed by his web server provider.

JUNE 26 2002
David Abramson, using the s/n, PRINCEdaROMANTIC on AOL Inst Msg, threatened to "trample my ministry into the ground" and "destroy" myself and my wife."

David Abramson also threatened me if I go to The FBI and also to ICANN and try to get my domain URLS back: ESCAPE666.COM & ESCAPE666.ORG

As of JULY 24 2002 David Abramson has refused to return my Book, my Book disc, and He refused to return my wife's artwork for my new book.

David Abramson refused to transfer my site URL: ESCAPE666.COM back to me.

David Abramson is not a Christian and has changed The Direction of ESCAPE666.COM to fit his beliefs (which are "Satanic" according to The Bible). He made this "change of direction" without my permission and against my will.

I have a new site of which I must start the long process of listing on search engines.


*** important note ****

Many people write to ESCAPE666.COM asking what happened to my site and asking to contact me. The email address that David Abramson ("The Webmaster") sends everyone is FALSE as it's his AOL address and not mine.

I can only be reached at my real email address:

"We shall not go quietly into the night."

Please Pray that God restores ESCAPE666.COM back to me so I can continue my Internet Ministry to you and others which I Created and Established in Sept 1997.

Pray that David Abramson Realizes The Evil of his ways, Returns what he has stolen under false pretense, and finds true peace in Christ.

Thank You and God Bless

Pastor Harry/ Church of Philadelphia- Internet

I have reported the above information to The FBI, The FTC and other Law Enforcement Agencies.