Many Christians write asking why we bother with The Predictions of Nostradamus, since he is Satanic and not of God. We study and parallel Nostradamus' quatrains with Bible Prophecy because when we look beyond Nostradamus into The Source of his quatrains, we get a most unique Insight to how much time really is left.


"I sit at night alone in my secret study,
Resting upon the brass tripod:
A thin flame comes forth from the
Solitude, making successful that
Which should not be believed in vain."
C1 Q1

Nostradamus is using an ancient practice of divination which is traced back to Ancient Babylon {1900 BC} and beyond.

In a trance-like state, Nostradamus sees

A Flash of Light And His Visions Begin.

This is anything but a Christian practice...

"The divining rod in hand is placed
In the middle of the tripod's brass
legs. With water he anoints the hem
of his robe and foot; Fear. A voice
Is heard. He trembles in His Robes,
Divine splendor. The divine one
Sits nearby." C1 Q2

Nostradamus then hears the Voice of ďA Divine BeingĒ who is the source of his visions.


How Do I Know That The Entity Who Nostradamus conjures is Satan? Four Reasons.

1) Nostradamus used Divination which banned in the Bible to keep us safe from Satan's Domain

2) God always reveals His name to His Prophets. Nostradamus deliberately obscures the name of this "deity" because he knows it is Satan and could prove dangerous if discovered by the witch hunters of his day.

3) Nostradamus tells us in many quatrains that three "Antichrists" will come and trigger great wars and suffering for mankind. Nostradamus names the first antichrist as Napolean, the second as Hitler and the third antichrist as MABUS, the name for an Arabic Terrorist who will use a nuclear weapon against the west.

Nostradamus also wrote of the coming of An Avatar, A World Teacher, who will save the world.

According to The Bible, this new "Messiah" is Satan's False Christ, The Real Antichrist. (Rev:13).

4) In his quatrains, Nostradamus actually REVERSES The Book of Revelation, making The Antichrist {The Beast} out to be The Savior of Mankind and The God of the Bible, YHWH, becomes The Devil.

This is the core belief of all Satanists and Luciferic, Secret Societies through out the ages including The Bavarian Illuminati.

Nostradamus is The Prophet of Satan.

The Question is, how much does Satan really know about Bible Prophecy The Time of The End?


"Of the day and hour, no man
knows. Not even the angels in
Heaven but only My Father who is
In Heaven." (Matt:24:36)

In the above verse, Jesus tells us that no man or the Angels of Heaven knows the exact Day when the Tribulation will begin.
Jesus does not mention the year or decade.


Satan is not a man nor an angel in Heaven. He is a fallen angel who is at war with YHWH God. (Isa:14). So Matt:24:36 does not fully apply to him.

Satan has a very clear idea as to when the Tribulation will begin. True, He does not know the exact "day or hour" but he knows the Time Frame.

We must remember that Satan Was Cast-Out of Heaven A Long Time Before Jesus Spoke These Prophetic Words In Matt:24.

"And war broke out in Heaven;
Michael and his angels fought
Against the Dragon: and the
Dragon and his angels fought,

"But they did not prevail,
Neither was a place found for them in
Heaven any longer.

"So the great Dragon was cast out,
That serpent of old, called
The Devil and Satan, who deceives
The whole world; he was cast to
The Earth, and his angels were
Cast out with him."

Satan attempted to seize the Throne of Heaven and lost. The Devil and his fallen angels were cast down to earth, never to see Heaven again.

Satan continues his Unholy Rebellion against GOD by using people as his Human Puppets: Greed, Hatred and Lust Being His Demonic Strings.

Now we are told even more about
Satan and his knowledge of The "End Times."

"Woe unto you, inhabitants
of the earth and sea.
For the Devil has come down
To you, having great wrath
Knowing his time is short."

Satan must have a good idea of how much time he has left upon Earth because he is a Major Player in End Times Prophecy.

Satan's role is to bring forth The Beast, The Antichrist, Who will lead The Final Rebellion Against GOD.

Satan does not know " The Day or Hour," But he may know The Year.

Through Nostradamus, Satan sets a Window FOR THE COMING OF ANTICHRIST, soon after the Start of our Millenium: seeming to focus between 2006 and 2012- 2018 AD and not far into the Year 2050 or 2099 AD.


Satan is waiting for The First of Two Rapture Events to occur. Then amidst the mass panic, chaos and confusion, The devil will bring forth AntiChrist, The Beast, as his twisted Savior.

Then, those who follow Nostradamus will be led to the feet of Satan and His New Age "messiah".

Read of The Cosmic Escape which
Jesus taught in the Gospels.


God Bless You
Pastor Harry
Church of Philadelphia Internet

fn: From what we know so far, The Bible Code seems to place the Start of The Great Tribulation between The Hebrew Year 5766 and 5772 which is 2006 to 2012 AD in our English Calendar. I also believe that Satan knows the Bible Code better than we could ever hope to.