"Once Saved Always Saved
From the cradle to the grave.

Baptists proclaim this Abomination
From pulpit to pulpit across
this nation.

Perverting everything that Jesus said
They look alive, but are the
Walking Dead."

911, Katrina, nothing shakes their
beloved lie, all disasters chalked up
as a "Test of Faith", for Baptists to
believe until they die.

Maybe when The Rapture happens and
they are Left Behind staring at the
sky, maybe then they will fall to
their knees and in Repentance shall
they cry?" (Rev:7:14)

Before we look at the falsehood and wicked teachings of the Baptist Church, we must look at factors that contributed to this satanic religion and this brings us to geography.

HEAT MATTERS. The Baptist religion was formed about 200 years ago down in the brutal heat of Southern USA, known today as the Bible Belt. In this brutal 95+ degree heat and high humidity, (summer in the deep south and Texas) with no electric fans or electricty, a group of lily, white men formed the Baptist Religion.

These white men were of English, Irish and German descent, from a cold (euro) climate where summer seldom goes over 75 degrees. So with their brains boiling in heat and rage of the deep south, the Baptist Church was formed with a strong emphasis on the death penalty and hate. HEAT MATTERS and had a hellish effect upon the Doctrines of The Baptist Founders.


Of all of The Bible Cults, The Baptist are the most vocal in their Condemnation of other Churches and their teachings. True, they correctly point out The Falsehoods in Catholic Dogma, specifically,

1) That Mary is to be Hailed, Worshiped, and Prayed to for God's Grace. JESUS taught that we are to Worship and Pray To His Father (GOD) and Him Alone.

2) That Catholic Priests have the power to absolve sins. JESUS taught that only GOD has the Power to forgive our sins as only GOD can see into the human heart.

3) Baptism of Infants for Forgiveness of "Original Sin". JESUS taught us to Baptize Believers, those who repent of their sins. Have you ever seen a baby "repent" of their sins? If an Infant's original sin was removed according to Catholic Ritual, the baby would grow up free of lust, fear, hatred, greed, envy and anger, all the results of Original Sin.

4) To address and call Catholic Priests as "Father". JESUS taught us to call "No Man Father for you have one Father who is in Heaven."

5) That A Man in a Papal Costume is the Infallible Representative of God upon earth and to be called, "Holy Father". JESUS taught us that only GOD, His Father, is Holy and Infallible and Good".

Many Baptists also realize that,

The Pope's Miter reads, "Vicar of Christ, Son of God, Savior" which in Latin calculates to six hundred and sixty six = 666.

The Baptists are expert at exposing The False Ministry of Benny Hinn and the Faith Prosperity Gospel of Copeland and others; and exposing the falsehood in the Mormons and Jehovah Witness,

Yet just as The Self Righteous whom JESUS spoke against in The Gospel, Baptists never see the Falsehood and error in their own teachings and dogma.

"Thou Hypocrite, remove the Log
from your own eye before you
Remove the speck from your
Brother's Eye. (Matt:7:5).

According to Baptist Theology (Hypocrisy),
All we have to do is "Say A Sinner's Prayer" and we are "SAVED, Guaranteed Heaven and A Rapture in the air".

They twist a verse from The Gospel of John (Jn:10:28) to claim and proclaim, "Once Saved Always Saved", that "we can never be snatched (plucked) from The Father's Hand".

They tell us "we can never lose our Salvation, but we could lose some "rewards" if we engage in extreme sinful behavior".

According to "Once Saved, Always Saved",

"A Christian Man can be having Sex with his neighbors wife, rolling in the sheets, drinking champagne and snorting cocaine. Suddenly as they change sexual positions, THE TRUMPET SOUNDS and this Adulterous, Christian Man will be raptured up into heaven and given a Crown by Jesus Himself!"

They claim this Man is "saved forever" but JESUS may remove a few jewels from his crown". Of course the Woman committing Adultery with him is Catholic (a non born again) so she is cast into the Great Tribulation for her sins!

If pressed on the above doctrine, Many Baptist Pastors and their flocks will say, "That adulterous man was probably never "truly saved".

So if we are "truly saved", we never sin?

The Baptist Pastor will reply, "we all sin".
(1 John:1:8-9).

Well then either no one is "truly saved" because we all sin at times or Baptist Theology is all wet.

The Truth is that Baptist Theology is false, a clever distortion of The Gospel, turning God's Grace into a "License To Sin".

We all sin. We will either Repent and ask God to help us overcome this sin (Rev:2:7, Rev:21:7-8) or continue in sin, falsely believing we are "once saved always saved", THE UNPLUCKABLE, to The glory and laughter of Satan.

Baptist and other Christian Cults also twist The Bible to say we must "submit to their sick and twisted authority".

The only authority they have is if we foolishly believe they are from God and submit to their satanic dogma.

Beyond "Once Saved, Always Saved"
Baptist "Authority" also included,
Using Their Churches for Ku Klux Klan
(KKK) Donation & Recruitment Centers
Supporting Slavery, Banning Blacks and
Indians from their Churches, Death
Penalty, including hanging a man for
Stealing a horse, Burning Witches,
Use of Physical Abuse to keep
Their Women and Children in line,
Demonizing Jews as Christ-Killers and
Were the First USA Church to Accept
The Lie of Santa Claus to be taught
To Christian Children. PTB !!!

This is why I say if The Baptists are the ones who are Raptured, The Bible implodes upon itself. Every word that JESUS taught about Prophecy and The Rapture disintegrates into A Lie, A Delusion.

What happens if you find yourself caught up in Baptist Dogma or another Christian Cult?

Pray. Ask God to forgive you, and give you the courage and faith to leave these Houses of Hell and Follow Him in "Spirit and In Truth".

True, many of your Baptist "friends" will judge you, condemn you, shun you and even persecute you. This is because they have "Forsaken Love To Follow Their Lies".

Jesus said this will happen and
"Rejoice when men persecute and revile and hate you for My Name sake for yours is the Kingdom of God."

God Bless You In These End Times

Pastor Harry
Church of Philadelphia Internet

fn: Baptists With Tongues
Besides The Baptists, many other Churches teach the Lie of "Once Saved Always Saved" including Assembles of God, Calvalry Temple, The Faith Prosperity Churches of Copeland, Hinn and company,