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Date: Fri., 3 Mar 2000 15:20:49 -0600

Hello again Pastor Harry!

New dilemma! Lot of my atheist friends believe in the evolution theory...you know apes.
I try to explain the Creation theory but they just laugh...how can two people be descendants of all of our color and creeds today. They also believe that the bible is just a man made fiction novel created by kings from long ago to keep man on the straight and narrow road.

Revelations? They just think St. John was a mad man and so am I. They always say, "Show me hardcore evidence,". "Show me God, Show me Jesus, Show me proof." They say "At least the scientists of today can show proof of evolution".

They believe more in evolution and aliens from outerspace than in God. They mock God and make fun of my beliefs. They tell me that The End of The World threat has been around forever. They say that people believed it in the 60's and then say "Hey look its 2000...We are still here"! "Good thing we didn't stop livin' huh"?

So you see Pastor Harry...I'm at a loss for words when it comes to these confrontations. I just shrug it off and tell them Jesus loves them even though they are in denial. I tell them we will all soon learn the truth! Some, the hard way...some will escape! They ask me "What do you mean by escape?" I tell them to read the book of Revelations. I tell them to read the bible. Maybe they will learn something!

James Jindra

God Bless


From: ESCAPE666@webtv.net
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 09:27:42 -0500 (EST)
To: Jim Jindra
Subject: Evolution

Hello again.

I see you not only ask the same questions as I do -- but have the same "friends."

We must remember that Christianity is a puzzle; a mystery to those "outside" the Faith and somewhat of a mystery to those "in the faith."

As far as Evolution vs. Creation goes; I have a different take on all of this! I don't believe we must be forced to choose.

Genesis 1 {in my opinion} is not a Science book: it is a statement of fact. "In The Beginning, God Created The Heavens And The Earth."

1} Whether GOD created the word in six actual days or in six "galactic" days is OPEN for debate! {The Hebrew word used for "day" can mean a literal 24-hr day or a figurative amount of time}. And we are told in Psalms ,"A day with the Lord is as a thousand years." Ps:90:4

2}. Whether GOD "created" Life instantly or through a slow process {Evolution}, is really not that important, is it?

3} Whichever is true, how does this effect our Walk with God today?

Does a six 24-hour day Creation change HOW you live your life today? Whether or not you will Follow what JESUS taught? Does my forgiving another's sins become dependent on whether I can prove "Creation" theory true?

Our Salvation is not dependent upon how we interpret Genesis:1, but rather how we follow what JESUS taught in the Gospel! {MT:7:21/Jn:10:27/ Lu:21:34}.

I hope this helps brings some clarity in a subject of endless debate!

God Bless you/ write again
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. Maybe you could also tell your friends to check-out our site. They may find some answers here.


Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 15:55:09 -0500
From: Angel Lowe
To: escape666@webtv.net
Subject: Hello :)

Hello. I have a couple of questions for you, but first I have a few comments.

I will not say that at this point in my reading I agree with you, but I will say that your site is a refreshing outlook on an increasingly fanatical (and untruthful) subject. I think it is wonderful that you are expressing your views in such a way, very upfront and in-your-face. :)

I do agree that the "Church" has completely turned around the teachings of our Lord, and that many people are being led astray. My nephew is Catholic, and I look at him and think how sad it is that they are feeding him their lies. I also feel instinctively that what those in power are teaching, is completely wrong. I do not label myself, I am no denomination, I am Christ's denomination.

I also don't believe that the bible is infallible. I think through the years, due both to purposeful and accidental reasons, the bible has become contaminated. You have to read between the lines to find the truth. And most people aren't willing to do that. But you are, and I am so glad to see that! I don't know enough about the bible codes, and this new two rapture view to make an informed decision, but my faith tends to tell me right off that you guys are going in the right direction.

My question to you is, where can I get the bible code software, and how exactly does it work? Or could you at least point me in the right direction?

Keep the information coming, and I'll keep on reading. :)

A. Lowe


Date: 03/15/2000 7:35:51 AM EST
From: ESCAPE666@webtv.net
To: Angel Lowe

Greetings.... I am glad that our site is an inspriration to you! We agree that the Churches have corrupted the Word of God and rendered it void! {Mk:7:13 = Tradition} They have done this through their TWISTED Teachhings of the Bible!

As far as the Gospel TEXT itself being altered-- this is a popular theme today! The question is this: What did JESUS really say and what didn't He?

Once again, there was NO NEED for Churches {men} to change or alter one word in the Gospel from the original Manuscript! This is because they TWIST to the Bible through their interpretation and teachings!

Example: in Matt: 23:9, JESUS said, "Call no man on earth Father for you have One Father who is in Heaven".

In context, JESUS is talking about Religious men and says to NOT call any Religious figure "Father". {nothing to do with our human fathers}.

The Roman Catholic Church clearly violates this teaching: having all worshipers call their Priests, 'Father". However the Catholic Church did NOT alter the Scripture = Matt:23:9. {they simply alter it's meaning}.

Can you show me a clear example of an altered text in the Gospel and why you believe this to be so?

{To be continued.}





Subj: $10,000 Watch
Date: 04/09/2000 12:16:56 AM EDT
From: Vickie Main
To: WhatYouThink666

It would be a sign of greed on the pastor's part. It would show me, if I were a part of his congregation, that some or a lot of my tithe was going to furnish him with luxuries.

Most of the televangilists and TV preachers, I have noticed, do like to flaunt their perfect hair and expensive clothes.

It shouldn't be happening, but, sad to say, we allow it to happen.



Subj: $10,000 Watch Date: 3/27/2000 10:52:30 PM EST
From: Bonnie Jeannerat
To: WhatYouThink666

I don't think he is taking up his cross and following Jesus. I never knew of Jesus to live so extravagantly as he walked the earth.


Subj: $10,000 watch
Date: 03/06/2000 4:15:26 PM EST
From: Tony Malawy
To: WhatYouThink666

Maybe God uses pastors who wear $10,000 watches to bring judgmental people inline.

Who cares about pastors who wear $10,000 watches; they themselves have to {answer} God for their decisions.

We, as Christians, should try to be living "Christ-like" lives (which is impossible to do without Christ) and not be looking at or wondering if our brothers are. They will be known by their fruits.

Food for thought: Luke 6:31, 41-42, John 13:34, John 15.


Subj: $10,000 Watch
Date: 02/22/2000 5:05:04 PM EST
From: Damian, Przemek Sidoruk
To: WhatYouThink666

This is typical Polish Priest or Pastor who sells lies for money. If I would see him I would not say GOD bless you or even HELLO I would just walk.

I would never go to church or give him any money. I would buy my self computer with internet and visit escape666 where I would find answer for everything I could not find in church of Pastor with $10,000 watch.

I was born in POLAND as Catolik. Church in POLAND is boring and full of old people who are ready to give everything to GOD in their last days of poor life. They can't give it directly to GOD so they give it to priest and the only one who gets money is priest. No one in church is getting rich but priest.


This is the priest from Poland from where I was born. Priest with a car, BIG house and with church like palace. You know how much money that priest used for building that church ???

- 0 -

It was people who believes in his lies that made it for him. I saw it and I heard him asking for help in building.

It took him many years to build that church but it's finished by people who believes and who worked for him without getting paid.


Subj: $10,000 Watch
Date: 02/20/2000 4:51:27 PM EST
From: shihonage
To: WhatYouThink666

I think that person is more intrested in earthbound things more so than the treasures that await in heaven.


Date: 02/15/2000 11:42:06 AM EST
From: Sylvia
To: WhatYouThink666

I think I would not give him my hard earned money.

As a matter of fact, I have noticed that some preachers have been bragging(in a round about way) about how much money they have.

One said (only last week)that he and his wife never ate at home. That they ate out at a different resturant every day! I quit watching one preacher because he was bragging about how much he paid for his shoes!!!

And the last incident was when a preacher on TV said he had gone out of town and when he got back home, his wife had gone 'car shopping'. She had purchased a brand new BMW!

I don't know, but I wish I had enough money to pay off my son's student loans.


Subj: Here's what I think....
Date: 02/14/2000 6:58:25 PM EST
From: JoanMarie
To: WhatYouThink666

I think, The man with the 10 thousand dollar watch has to wear a watch of gold, to go along with his prosperity doctrine. People will listen to him to get the same riches as he has.

They don't see where he got the watch from, The fool! Sounds like HOG WASH to me..los

People want to hear all about riches. Sounds like something in the Bible, people with itchy ears.


Subj: What do I think?
Date: 02/09/2000 7:38:43 PM EST
From: Cherokee Mary (crystal swan)
To: What You Think 666

I believe and think we should "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Whether they are rich or poor. It is not about what we wear or own. Yet the Holy word says it is wrong to lay up treasures of this earth where thieves break in and steal. Rather seek ye the treasures in heaven.

It is most important to repent accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior, live a life which is righteous and pleasing to God. Not trying to please ourselves or man. Be a true servant unto God. Worshipping God, Spreading Gods word, and leading others to Christ.

If we are true followers of Christ we will not strive for riches of this earth, Gold, diamonds, jewels, fancy clothes, cars, homes etc. Will not take from our fellow man. We will share with the poor, less fortunate. Loving and caring for one another until Christ returns.

Not become attached to material things in this life, because it is only temporary.

This is what I think. God bless you.


Date: 02/06/2000 9:22:57 AM EST
From: GB
To: What Do You Think 666

Escape 666 is very informative, and has really opened my eyes like never before. As far as a $10,000 watch, something is wrong with that picture. Sounds like he is robbing the church and is no more true to God than The devil himself.

Thank you for all of your help.





Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 09:16:41 PST
From: Chris Grajczyk
To: Pastor Harry
Subject: misleading yourself.


How sad yet angry you make me feel on finding your cult over the Net. At least you admit to being a cult.

One of the major things that made me realize your total illlegitemacy was when you said that people should choose how to interpret the bible. That's exactly the problem, there's millions of weirdo's out there proclaiming there word as THE word.

God said to worship him as he wants to be worshipped not by some guy, a self-proclaimed pastor, who starts up some cult over the internet. You are just like all the others, purposely contorting bible verses to fit your view as you think how things should be.

Well sorry, you are quite wrong. You think you know better than all the priests in the world and 2000 years of Christian traditions? You expect us to believe that God would have us mislead by traditional religions and have you, the leader of some cult, as the leader of the true religion?? How pompous can one be?

And yes I will definitely take things that Hal Lindsey or Falwell as they chose to gain education in theology, unlike yourself. You refuse to learn theology? Talk about keeping your OWN views narrow minded!

Even if the bible mentioned the word Philadelphia, (which we all know it doesn't) the example you give says nothing.

And Catholics DO NOT worship Mary or any of the saints. Catholics worship only God! And the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus himself, (speaking to Peter) "And on this rock, I will build my church", not in 325.

See when you get basic fundamentals facts such as those wrong, then you throw out any chance of being reputable. Though I realize that if you actually portrayed the facts, and not your lies, then you would have no followers (assuming you have some already).

I'm sure many in the past thought that mold and sour milk was all the work of the devil. Just because some people were wrong about something in the past, that doesn't make current tradional beliefs wrong. That also doesn't mean that you should question things just for the sake of questioning. You will go nowhere.

I'm always so amazed how people can get to the point of the likes of you (ie Heaven's Gate). The leader of the HG convinced himself he was from another planet. Or he at least knowingly lied, to suck others into believing him .

Just look where his false beliefs lead him; to death. There was no intergalactic space ship, no alien landings. And why? Because his beliefs are fallacious, much like yours.

I realize this letter will not change your perverted beliefs, but I think you should at least respond to it, and question your own fabricated views.

And please post this letter on your site, as it may not have all the facts, but it at least attempts to begin to show them.


Chris Grajczyk



Hello Chris,

Thank you for writing.

Each consecutive generation of Christians interpreted the Bible in a way that made sense to them; or told them what they wanted to hear. We today have he advantage of hindsight: to look back and see their mistakes in Interpretaton! Both the Catholic and Protestant Church engaged in savage brutally such as torture and burning people at Stakes who disagreed with their dogma!

It is easy to see the error in their ways -- sadism and murder, clothed in white robes!

On a factual level:

1] The Church of PHILADELPHIA is clearly found in the Bible; in the Book of Revelation: 3:7-12. It is the only Church {of 96 ad} that was pleasing to GOD and the only future Church as well!

2] JESUS did not found the Catholic Church with Peter. Jesus founded His Church! The Catholic Church did not come about until 300 years later!

3] As far as Church TRADITION goes, Jesus warns how Tradition corrupts the Word of God and renders it void! {Mark:7:6 and 13}.

In the Gospel, JESUS also warns against harsh judgment and Condemnation: Read- LUKE:6:37-38.

I interpert the GOSPEL as it reads: I do not seek to add or take anything from it's truth or to CANDY-COAT it's meaning for $$$$$$.

God Bless You/write again.
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT


Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 19:34:43 EST
To: Pastor Harry
From: Gerald Bankhead

Yours is a very interesting site, and after studying some of your teachings I can see in a different light.

There is one point I am having a problem with. Perhaps I am misreading the scripture.

Re: the above subject, question # 7. Isaiah 14:3 thru 23.

To me this alludes to the king of Babylon, a man referred to as Lucifer who himself is referred to as the Devil and the Devil is referred to as Satan.

As you know Satan was the most beautiful angel God created. Re: Job 1 : 6 thru 22, also Job 2: 1 thru 6. Satan walks to and fro on the face of the earth and also visits Jesus in heaven. To me the king of Babylon as a man was Satan in mans form, and is still an angel, controlling his many followers, be they angelic or human.

I don't believe Satan knows the year of the end of this age, but I do believe he is certainly getting very worried. He knows that when it does happen he is going to be placed in the pit.

Thank you for letting me express my opinion.

In Christ

Gerald Bankhead



Hello Gerald,

Thank you for writing! You raise an interesting and valid question: two actually!

1 - My understanding of ISA:14 is the King of Babylon PARALLELS Satan: he had the same behavior and thoughts of Satan {whom he really followed}.

In His pride, the King of Babyon thought he would become a "god" and rule even Heaven {just as Lucifer tried and failed to do}.

The O.T. talks little about Satan and demons and for good reason! Until the Messiah comes, people would have NO POWER over Satan -- so why shine the focus upon what we cannot defeat!??? {it would just trigger fear --terror!}

JESUS taught much about Satan -- because through HIM, we now have the power over Satan!

2 - I believe Satan has a very good idea as to WHEN the tribulation will begin! He does not know the "day or hour," {Matt:24:36} but he may know the YEAR = until SEPT 2000...{???} Keep in mind, Satan is not a "by-stander" to the tribulation. His role is to bring forth ANTICHRIST!

If he had a clue as to the time -- the RAPTURE OF THE WORTHY would happen = and no Antichrist = REV:13??? {semy point}...

I hope this helps.

God Bless you.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT


From: Name Withheld by Request
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 05:29:41 EST
Subject: Carrying your Cross!!!
To: escape666@webtv.net

Thank you for your very informative and uplifting site. You make very valid points in reference to "The End Times" and "666," and Faith.

Yes, many Churches now-a-days do not preach the words of Jesus, they tend to get caught up in their own beliefs and theories.

It seems religion is out there just to please the reader...not going by true scripture.

In your site you don't elaborate on "Carrying your Cross!!!". It is an important topic that is mentioned in Revelation, and needs to be the focus of many of our lives.

Each person is given crosses to bear, struggles and issues that they have to overcome. Whether it be alcoholism, blindness, or homosexuality -- these things are given to a person not by choice. And only through prayer and the Bible(and Jesus) and Faith can a person truly overcome their adversity.

I was given one huge cross -- homosexuality. I did not choose homosexuality...it just happened. All my life I have grown up in the Catholic Faith and prayed, prayed, prayed, and all of a sudden "I am gay" I questioned myself and said" How can God do this to me???" What was my solvent...I turned my back on my church, Christ and myself. After high school I got mixed up into the gay scene and the many negative things involved with it...including clubs and drugs.

Only recently have I seen the light again. I joined a group provided by the church,(churches of all faiths have these support groups) that helps homosexual men and woman overcome their SSA (same sex attraction). Gay and lesbian is not the proper term...that's stereotyping and judging, and we know that that's not Christian-like. We cannot control who we are attracted to...we just can't. Heterosexuals don't do they??? Wow that woman is fine!!!

The best solvent to understanding the so called term "gay," is compassion and understanding. These people did not choose their SSA!!!

Deep down in every person suffering with SSA, they know that what they are doing is wrong (God gave us these little things called consciences). They know there is a higher power...whether it be God, Buddha, or Muhammad...that doesn't approve of the so called gay life-style.

That person has to choose to bear that Cross!!! Don't pity yourself and live in a life of homosexuality, take up that Cross and offer it up to God!!!! and move on with their life through Jesus and their Faith and prayer

I have done just that...just like many others have that are like me...or even the blind man up the road with his cross. Don't Give up is the answer!!! Keep on moving...with Jesus' love and your love for Him!!!

I can't control who I am attracted to, but I can sure as heck can control whether I act upon it or not!!!

My support group teaches the act of chastity...which is truly the only weapon against that so called gay life-style!!! It's not easy, but who said life was easy!!! And if I have to give up all sexual actions and desires for a man for my Lord Jesus Christ...hey...I'm doing it.

Jesus never turned his back on me, I just wasn't listening hard enough, and I turned mine on Him!!! Now I can only move on.

I thought I should just share my thoughts to give you a different perspective on taking up your cross!!!

Thanks and God Bless!!!


Subj: What I think
Date: 02/05/2000 6:00:35 PM EST
From: Biohazardous
To: What Do You Think 666

This is what I think . I think you are a fruit cake .

Where do you get this from? Mail me when you have a real answer FRUIT CAKE! Also i think you should be in a mental hospital!!!!!

Thank You,

Have a happy end of the world!(ya right)


Subj: What I Think...
Date: 02/06/2000 12:20:11 AM EST
From: Empathy
To: What Do You Think 666

Well I personally feel that "Lucifer - Satan" is too intelligent to bring forth the prophecy in such a quick manner. It would be too obvious and too simple for something pre-told to actually happen exactly when a human being predicts it would. It is going to be a gradual process in which we wont know what hit us. undoubtedly, life is about receiving the unexpected. One cannot say that something will happen in a specific time span just because it falls into category with present times...


Subj: I think::::
Date: 02/06/2000 2:44:27 PM EST
To: What Do You Think 666

The site is very well put together, with care for the "end times" Pastor Harry feels the need to express to the world the importance of being "worthy" so they may experience the splendors of Heaven. It's a caring attempt to tell all, that the time is near, so be ready.

He has studied and learned the scriptures well, and I agree with most he says. He has an idea of learning future facts through Nostradamus, so he might grasp what the enemy has planned.

The important part is he does love JESUS, and people in order to do this much with his web site.

He has an interesting flavour in how he speaks, but, he is a very nice person.

I hope to meet him in Heaven one day.

And that is what I think.
LOVE, IN CHRIST HOLY-GIRL :) ........................create in me a
clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away
from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Restore unto
me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free




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