When it comes to The Bible Code, no one has all of the answers. As far as our knowledge of the codes, I believe we only know 1/1000 of all there is to know if that much. The Bible Code does exist as ELS skip codes. There are over 500,000 individual Bible Codes, many with odds over 100 million to one that even one Code can be random! Yet the detractors and critics of The Bible Code still chant, "random accidents", over 500,000 coincidences?

Some people make grandious claims about their ability to find codes or even believe they are the "anointed decoders" when in reality they are only a person using a commercial Bible Code Program with an less than child's understanding of the Hebrew Language. The following is my understanding of The Bible Code as of 1/1/06 of which I have been studying since 1998 AD.

More and more people write to me and want to know if their name is found in The Bible Code. Some people are just curious but others read far more into these name codes and this could pose many problems and false beliefs.


First off, there are over a 100,000 names encoded in The Bible Code and possibly far, far more. Many English names can be spelled three or four different ways in The Hebrew Bible Codes. (This complicates any search). The encoded name, JOHN SMITH can apply to millions of people. We can add middle names and middle initials to narrow a search but what if your name is JOHN PETER SMITH and you find JOHN P SMITH encoded. Is this really you or someone else such as JOHN PAUL SMITH?

I have found that about 95 percent of people whose names are encoded are in the public arena, for good or bad. This includes politicans and ministries. This does not mean that the other five percent are the only people who are "special" to God as all who follow JESUS AS LORD are special and beloved by God.

What if your name is GEORGE BUSH. Are you PRESIDENT BUSH in The Bible Code? GW BUSH is encoded with many things including "War with Iraq and Iran. What if your name is GEORGE WALTER BUSH vs (President) GEORGE WALKER BUSH? Are you The GW BUSH who will "wage great war in Iran?" Are you starting to see what I mean?


A person can be named DIANE PAULA WHITE and she finds her name as DIANE WHITE in The Bible Code. As she is a rock drummer, she does a code search and finds "drummer" encoded with her name. Another person, DIANE PAM WHITE finds her name, DIANE WHITE encoded in the very same matrix above with "nurse" as she is a nurse and does this code search. A third women also shares the same code matrix (above) as her name is DIANE Penny WHITE. She is a teacher and finds her name encoded with "teacher".

Things get more complicated when the drummer and nurse also find "teacher" encoded with their names. Does God want them to become a teacher? Did they ever want to be a teacher and made a different life choice? or is teacher a shared word from someone else's code?


Some people believe if their name is in The Bible Code, they are somehow "special", "anointed" or possibly even Guaranteed Heaven. Others believe if their name is not found in the code, they are "second class" Christians or perhaps they are "lost" or even "damned". Still others believe The Bible Code is a kind of computer "crystal" ball that will reveal their future to them. Guess what?


Having our name encoded in The Bible Code or not has zero bearing upon our Salvation. The Bible and its codes are an earthly book not to be confused with The Book of Life and The Book of Judgment which are heavenly books.

Even if your name is found in the Bible Code, the code will not reveal your calling in life, whom you should marry, etc etc. Yet The Bible Code can CONFIRM what God has shown you. example: God could lead you to become a missionary in Africa. Then later you find your name encoded with "missionary", "Africa and "travel" as a confirmation.

A Bible Code can contain your name encoded with SAINT, WORTHY and also with DEMONIC, EVIL. Which code words applies to you is based upon the path that you choose. So much of The Bible Code is about Human Free Will and possiblilities or possible futures. This is why so many future codes do not come to pass, people make a different choice.

I base the above knowledge on the fact that HITLER is encoded with: EVIL, WICKED MAN, NAZI, MURDERER, MALICIOUS as well as GOODNESS, KIND, WORTHY, LIGHT. Hitler could not be both but we can see the two paths that he was faced with and history shows he chose the dark path. Now in retrospect we can circle (in red marker) these evil, encoded words that defined Hitler's Life.


People in positions of power or leadership are encoded because their decisions affect millions of people. There can only be one President of The United States every four years. This does not make the rest of us any less "special" or less "loved" by God. But we can vote for our President and reap the consequences of their actions be it good, evil or both.


Actually someone who studied codes first sent me a "Pastor Harry" Code in 2001. Up until then I never did a personal code. There are many "Pastor Harry's " found in a Google Search. But there are very few if any who write about BIBLE PROPHECY-RAPTURE-THE BEAST-PROPHECY- BOOK-RADIO SHOW- CONTROVERSY-CONFLICT and also whose last name is WALTHER.

In my case, my Bible Codes VALIDATED what God had already called me to do such as write my banned book (1986) THE ANSWER- TWO RAPTURES and start our radio show (2005) DOOMSDAY TALK RADIO where as I would "SPEAK UNTO THE NATIONS". (yes this was all found in my Bible Codes).

I also used the Bible Code to confirm what I believed GOD had shown me, to reveal the Name and Identity of Antichrist on 6.6.06. This was found in the code and I made this announcement on June 6 2006. Amazingly on this day, which became a media event day, I had the opportunity to reveal Antichrist to millions in over 85 radio interviews in 36 hours.

I believe God leads me to the codes He wants me to discover and post on our site. This applies to the PHILADELPHIA-TERROR-ATTACK code as well as my HARRY WALTHER- RAPTURE-2010 - 2011 AD -FIRSTFRUITS code. I don't know if either of these two codes will come true. Both are real possibilities.

In closing, it is not really important if our personal names are found in the Bible Codes or not. You can buy a Bible Code Program and spend about 30-40 hours to find out if you really have to know. Also a limited knowledge of Hebrew could prevent you from doing an accurate search as well.

What is most important is that 1) our names are written in The Lamb's Book of Life and 2) that we follow JESUS and do what He commands so that our name remains written in The Lamb's Book of Life. (see Rev:3:3-5).

"God Bless in these End Times,

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

If you are a Hebrew Scholar or know of one please contact me at my email or forward this page to them at ESCAPE666@WEBTV.NET. I have some Bible Codes (Hebrew matrixes) you may want to look at.