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NOSTRADAMUS WAS WRONG ABOUT HIS CALCULATIONS ABOUT THE COMET PLANET (NIBIRU) AND WHEN IT WILL IMPACT EARTH. BUT THIS ANCIENT COMET THREAT IS STILL HEADING TOWARDS EARTH. </p> <p>NIBIRU MAY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MULTIPLE ASTEROIDS THAT HAVE NEAR-PASSED EARTH IN THE LAST THREE YEARS AS IT NEARS THE ASTEROID BELT. IT MAY ALSO BE CAUSING THE RECENT WICKED WEATHER, MASSIVE STORMS AND FLOODS THAT HAVE DEVASTATED TEXAS AND OKLA AND THE 122 DEGREE HEAT WAVE IN INDIA THAT HAS KILLED OVER 1400 PEOPLE. NIBIRU AND ITS FORCES MAY HAVE TRIGGERED THE RECENT EARTHQUAKES IN NEPAL AND USA. </p> <p><font color="#FF0000">MAYBE THIS THE TRUE WARNING OF <br> NOSTRADAMUS AND HIS 1999 QUATRAIN?</p> <p><font size=+1 color="#FFFFFF"> "In the year 1999 and seven months <br> The Great, KIng of Terror shall<br> come from the sky. He will bring to <br> life the King of The Mongols. Before<br> and after, Mars reigns happily."<br> C10 Q 72 </b></font></p> <table border="3" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#0000FF" width="100%"> <tr><td width="18%" bgcolor="#000000" valign="top"> <p align="center"><font face="Arial" size="5" color="#FF0000"><b> <p><font face="Arial" size="4" color="#FFCC66"><b> THE COMET PLANET <br> The Ancient world believed in A Mysterious Comet Planet that would pass earth in great intervals, over several thousand years.</p> <p>The Ancient Sumerians called this Comet Planet, NIBIRU. The Egyptians named it, "THE PLANET OF A MILLION YEARS" and Ancient Babylon renamed it MARDUK, the name of their god.</p> <p><img src="nibiru2.jpg"></p> <p>Actually the Sumerians (circa 3400 BC) believed in a solar system much as we have today, with a round earth revolving around the sun along with eleven other celestrial bodies. </p> <p>Pluto (1) Neptune (2), Uranus (3), Saturn (4) Jupiter (5) Mars (6), EARTH (7), Venus (8),Mercury (9), The Moon (10), The Sun (11) and The 12th celestrial body, being the COMET PLANET, which is acually Planet #10 in our solar system.</p> <p>The Ancients believed NIBIRU, The Comet Planet, would travel clockwise (against our solar planets that travel counter-clock wise).NIBIRU passes earth thru the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars.</p> <p><img src="nibiru2.jpg"></p> <p>Nibiru was said to be slightly smaller than Jupiter, which would be a massive and visible object as it passed earth.</p> <p><font color="#00FF33"> The Ancients believed that "their pantheon of 12 gods came from NIBIRU" (Comet Planet) and that "the gods were" their source of this advanced knowledge".</p> <p>(Pluto was not discovered until 1856 AD and until the 1600's much of humanity believed the world was flat and the sun revolved around earth)."</p> <p><font color="#FFCC66"> Some Ancient Texts claimed NIBIRU passed earth every 3600 years, some every 10,500 years. The Comet Planet is kind of a giant version of Halley's Comet which passes earth every 72-76 years.</p> <p><img src="nibiru2.jpg"></p> <p>The Hindu Religion also believed the "gods came to earth" in the Sacred Year of 432,000 BC. Here is where things really get interesting. </p> <p>In Gen: 6:3,YHWH GOD told Noah, "My Spirit will not always strive with man. Therefore his years will be 120". <p> <p>Now if we divide 120 years into 432,000 years, we get 3600 years, the time the Sumerians believed it took NIBIRU to make a complete revolution around the Sun as it passes earth.</p> <p>That means a "year for the Comet Planet" is 3600 years vs 360/365 days for an earth year. This is almost reminiscent of The Bible where as it reads, "A DAY WITH THE LORD IS AS A 1000 YEARS. </p> <p>The question now is "When did NIBIRU, The Comet Planet last pass earth? </p> <p><img src="nibiru2.jpg"></p> <p>I speak of The Comet Planet as being real because in The Spring of 2004 ad, NASA announced PLANET "X", the 10th planet exists as a Comet Planet that NASA named "SEDNA".</p> <p>NASA claims that SEDNA is smaller than Pluto, passes earth every 10,500 years at a safe and harmless distance of 950 million miles.</p> <p><font color="#FF00CC">It is possible that NASA had to announce the existance of Planet "X" a Comet Planet, as earth based observatories will soon see NIBIRU. But NASA is deliberately confusing safe and tiny "SEDNA" with the coming of the true Planet X, NIBIRU with its potential for global destruction?</p> <p><img src="nibiru2.jpg"></p> <p><font color="#FFCC66"> JOSHUA:10:13<br> Could The Gravitation Pull of Nibiru, be SO STRONG that its passing earth caused the Earth to reverse spin on its axis, causing Day Light for 24 hours? </p> <p>There are ancient legends in The South American world of a "day of darkness". This makes sense. If Israel/mideast experienced 24 hours of daylight, South America on the other side of the earth would have experience 24 hours of darkness. </p> <p>The Ancient Mayans had an astrological Calendar. This is a 5000 year Calendar, which ends on DEC 22, 2012 AD. Many believe this date is DOOMSDAY, a Day of Great Global Catatclysm.</p> <p><img src="nibiru2.jpg"></p> <p>Assuming that 2012 AD will be the Passing of The Comet Planet (which Nosradamus wrote of), we know see an Amazing pattern emerge.</p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> TIME TABLE <br> 2012 AD-Next Pass <br><br> 1588 BC Joshua 24 Hrs <br><br> 5188 BC Pre Sumeria <br><br> 8788 BC Stone Age <br><br> 12,388 BC Leading to The Great Flood of Noah. </p> <p><font color="#FFCC66"> Many scientists believe The Flood occured, 11,000 BC. Most Biblical scholars place the great flood around 5200 BC, another passing of Nibiru.</p> <p>Gravitational pull upon the earth, when The Comet Planet passed, could have broken the Glaciers up and caused 1000 ft tidal waves to flood the earth, exactly what The Bible says in Gen:6:99. </p> <p> <font color="#FF0000">MAYAN CALENDAR REVISTED</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF">The 5000 Year Mayan Calendar ends on <font color="#FF0000">DEC 22, 2012 AD. <font color="#FFCC66">The ancient Mayans claim this calendar was given to them by the god, QUEZECOATAL, The Feathered Serpent.</p> <p> This would have been in the year 3012 BC. According to ancient Egyptian records, The god THOTH left Egypt in the year 3113 BC and may have reappeared in Meso America.</p> <p><font color="#00FF33"> It is possible that these gods were actually Extra-Terrestrials. Whether Aliens or Demonic Spirits, they had advanced knowledge of our universe and 2012 AD is probably the DATE when NIBIRU, the Comet Planet again will pass earth.</p> <p><img src="nibiru2.jpg"></p> <p> <font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> NASA has mixed views about The Comet Planet on their sites. NASA cannot tell us the Truth about the COMET PLANET and if it will pass in 2012 AD.</p> <p><font color="#FF0000">THIS WOULD TRIGGER MASS PANIC, CHAOS AND ANARCHY ON A GLOBAL SCALE.</p> <p><font color="#FFCC66">Maybe this is the REAL REASON that President Bush waged War against Saddam in IRAQ was because of the Coming of The COMET PLANET? </p> <p> <font color="#FF0000">Saddam would have acquired Nuclear Weapons before the year 2012 AD. At a time of global chaos and panic, Saddam could have taken advantage of the situation to hit the USA and Israel with nuclear missiles.</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF">The USA may invade IRAN and N. KOREA for the same reasons, unless they STOP all plans to build nuclear missiles before 2012 AD</p> <p><font color="#00CCCC"> MSNBC NEWS: 12 JAN:2005 <br> <font color="#FFcc66"> NASA launched "Deep Impact", a satellite missile at Comet Tempel 1.</p> <p>Impact is planned for July 4 2005. NASA hopes to smash a deep creater into Comet Tempel, at least 100 feet deep.</p> <p>What is most interesting is that "deep impact" will strike the Comet as it passes between Mars and Jupiter, the exact path that is believed the ancient, Comet Planet will take as it nears earth.</p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> IS THIS TARGET PRACTICE FOR PLANET "X, THE COMET PLANET? </p> <p><font color="#00CCCC"> ARE MOVIES LIKE "DEEP IMPACT" and "ARMAGEDDON" PREPARING US FOR THIS DOOMSDAY EVENT?</p> <p> ARE THESE MEGA HIT MOVIES GIVING THE WORLD HOPE THAT HUMANITY CAN SURVIVE A CATACLYSM (COMET IMPACT) FROM DEEP SPACE THRU THE TECHNOLOGY OF NASA?</p> <p><font color="#FFCC66"> related links</b></font></p> <p><a href="comet2010.htm"><font face="Arial" size="4" color="#FF0000"><b> BIBLE CODE: COMET IMPACT:2010-2012 AD </b></font></a></p> <p><font face="Arial" size="4" color="#FF0000"><b> Nostadamus used dark, occult arts to conjure a "Being of Light" who gave him these visions of the future. According to The Bible, this spiritual Entity was Lucifer, Satan.</p> <p> Why Study The Predictions of The Devil? Because thru Nostradamus, we get a unique insight into what Satan knows about Prophecy and how much time is really left?</b></font></p> <p><img src="nibiru2.jpg"></p> <p><a href="nostindex.htm"> <font face="IMPACT" size="4" color="#00FF33"><b> NOSTRADAMUS: COMPLETE INDEX: PROPHET OF DARKNESS </b></font></a></p> <p><a href="777.htm"> <font face="Arial" size="4" color="#FFFFFF"><b> PROPHECY OF THE CHURCH OF PHILADELPHIA AND TWO RAPTURES </b></font></a></p> <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> </b></font></a> </font></b></p></td> <p align="center"> <td width="64%" bgcolor="#000000" valign="top"><b> <p><font face="Arial" size="6" color="#FF0000"><b> PART I: COMET PLANET</p> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000">Many Scholars of Nostradamus believed the "Great, King of Terror from the sky" was a "Doomsday" Comet.</p> <p><font color="#669999"> This is because Nostradamus has several predictions of a Comet that will Impact or near pass earth and trigger global destruction.</p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FF0000"> "During the appearance of<br> The Bearded Star, <font color="#FFFFFF"> the three<br> great princes will be made<br> enemies. The shaky peace on <br> earth will be <font color="#FF0000">struck by fire <br> from the skies. <font color="#FFFFFF">Po, The<br> winding Tiber, a serpent placed<br> on the shore." C2 Q4 </p></center> <center><p> MABUS will soon die, <br> Then will come a horrible <br> slaughter of people and animals<br> At once vengance revealed coming<br> from a hundred hands <br> <font color="#FF0000"> "Thirst and Famine when<br> The Comet shall pass <br> <font color="#FFFFFF">C2 Q72 </p></center> <center><p><font size="5" color="#FFFF00"> NOSTRADAMUS WAS MISTAKEN</p></center> <center><p><font size="5" color="#FFFF00"> NOTHING CAME FROM THE SKY!</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#669999">A Doomsday Comet did not near pass earth in The Year "1999 and Seven Months? (be it July or Sept). </p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> Actually Nostradamus never said the Comet would pass earth in the year 1999 and seven months.</p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFFFF">"After a great misery for<br> mankind, an ever greater approaches<br> The great cycle of the centuries <br> renewed, it will rain blood, milk,<br> famine, war disease<br> <font color="#FF0000"> In the sky will be seen a great fire<br> dragging a trail of sparks."<br> <font color="#FFFFFF">C2 Q 46 </p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#669999">The great "cycle of the centuries renewed" was the year 2000 AD, The New Millennium.</p> <p><font color="#FF0000">I believe the "Great, King of "Terror from the sky", that Nostradamus predicts, is the Coming of NIBIRU, The Comet Planet.</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF"> Nostradamus sees NIBURU, The Comet Planet near passing Earth (or Impact) sometime AFTER the year "1999 and seven months" and causing great destruction that triggers W.W.III. </p> <p><font size="4" color="#669999">Nostradamus studied ancient History and the occult including the beliefs and religions of anceint Sumer and Babylon. I am sure that Nostradamus was aware of the Comet Planet, its 3600 year passing of the earth and the cataclysmic damage that Nibiru can cause.</p> <p><font size="5" Let's revisit Nostradamus' famous, C10 Q 72 Quatrain and see how accurate his prophecy truly was. </p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> "In the <font color="#FF0000">Year 1999 and seven months <br> The Great, King of Terror shall<br> come from the sky. <font color="#FFFFFF"> He will bring to <br> life the King of The Mongols. Before<br> and after, Mars reigns happily."<br> C10 Q 72. </p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> I believe Nostradamus predicted that NASA would first see NIBIRU, The Comet Planet, approaching earth in JULY 1999.</p> <p><font color="#669999">In July 1999, a small Comet, Comet Lee 1, caused mass attention as this Comet was seen by earth- based observatories. Many Nostradamus scholars mistakenly believed Comet Lee 1 was The "Doomsday" Comet that Nos' wrote of.</p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> Nostradamus spoke of the coming of The Comet Planet, that would near earth and cause great destruction, soon after The Year "1999 and seven months". </p> <p><font color="#669999"> Part Two of Quatrain C10 Q72 </p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> "In the year 1999 and seven months <br> The Great, King of Terror shall<br> come from the sky. He will bring to <br> life the King of The Mongols.<font color="#FF0000"> Before<br> and after, Mars reigns happily."<br> C10 Q 72 </p></center> <center><p><img src="mars.jpg"></p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#669999"> In terms of Astronomy, the planet MARS is closer to earth today, then it has been in the last 60,000 years as of 27 AUG 2003 AD.</p> <p> <font color="#FF0000"> In terms of Astrology, MARS is the ancient god and planet that influences War and since JULY 1999, "Mars reigns happily" as WAR EXPLODES ACROSS THE WORLD!</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF"> JULY 1999:<font color="#FF0000"> WAR IN SERBIA</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF">SEPT 1999: <font color="#FF0000"> Palestinians launch "Intifada", non stop terror attacks against Israel. </p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF"> SEPT 11 2001: <font color="#FF0000"> Terrorists Planes Hit World Trade Center.</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF"> NOV 2001: <font color="#FF0000"> USA Goes To War in Afghanistan. </p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF">MARCH 2003: USA & Britain go to war against Saddam In Iraq: <font color="#FFFFFF"> JAN 1 2005: <font color="#FF0000"> Terror Attacks and War Rages Across IRAQ, No End In Sight. </p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF"> JAN 1 2005: Iran and N Korea pursue nuclear weapons programs: <font color="#FF0000"> Terror Attacks in Iraq threaten JAN 30 elections.</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF"> "MARS REIGNS HAPPILY INDEED" </p> <p><font color="#669999">Part Three of Quatrain C10 Q72 </p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FF0000"> "He (Comet) shall bring to life <br>the king of the Mongols.</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FFFFFF"> The resulting destruction (famine) caused by the Comet Planet will cause CHINA to go to war (King of Mongols).<font color="#FF0000"> After An Asteroid Crashes Into The Ocean.</p> <p><font color="#669999"> Nostradamus tells us two more facts about the passing of NIBIRU, The Comet Planet.</p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> There will appear towards the <br> seven stars of Ursa Minor and Polaris <br> Not far from Cancer,<br> <font color="#FF0000"> The Bearded Star <br> <font color="#FFFFFF"> Susa, Siena,Boeotia, Great Rome <br> will die, the night having vanished<br> C6 Q 6.</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> Nostradamus sees NIBIRU, The Comet Planet coming toards Earth from Cancer, from the south, passing thru the Big Dipper to North Star.</p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> The Great Star will blaze for<br> Seven days, The Cloud will cause two <br> suns to appear. <br> The Huge dog will howl at night <br> When the great pontiff will <br> Change lands." C2 Q41 </p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> Nostradamus sees the Comet Planet visible to earth for seven days. It will bring destruction upon BRITAIN (great dog) Rome and The Vatican (pontiff).</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF"> The Following Cataclysm Happens After The Tribulation Is Underway and Not Before It Starts.</p> <p><center> <font size="6" color="#FF0000"> PART II: ASTEROID IMPACT </center></p> <center><p><img src="asteroid2.jpg"></p></center> <center><p><font size="5" color="#FFFFFF"> The Comet Planet will pass thru the Asteroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars as it nears earth. Its trajectory will either be Direct Impact or it will near pass earth and send a Large Asteroid hurtling towards us.</p></center> <p><font size="4" color="#00CCCC"> 12 Jan 2005, NASA launched "Deep Impact", a satellite that will smash Comet Temple 1 on JULY 4 2005, as it passes between Jupiter and Mars. This does seem to be "Target Practice" for the real and coming threat from The Comet Planet. </p> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> In a future, Doomsday Scenario, NASA and possibly Russia will launch specially equipped, nuclear weapons that shatter this Comet or Asteroid as it targets earth. However it rains burning fragments {meteors} upon The World. </p> <p><font color="#669999">This is virtually the exact scenario we read of in Revelation, chapter 8.</p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFF99"> "The first angel sounded: and<br> hail and fire, mingled with <br> blood, and they were thrown <br> to the Earth; and a third of the<br> trees were burnt up, and all <br> green grass was burned up."<br> Rev:8:7</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> One Third of The Earth Will <br> Be Lit On Fire</p> <p><font color="#FFFFFF">Then A Worse Horror</p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> One large fragment, an Asteroid, approximately a mile in diameter, Will then crash into the sea and the result is catastrophic.</p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFF99"> "Then the second angel sounded;<br> and something like a great <br> mountain burning with fire was<br> thrown into the sea, and a third <br> of the sea became as blood;<br> and a third of the living creatures<br> in the sea died and a third of the<br> ships were destroyed."<br> (Rev:8:8-9)</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> Nostradamus saw this Asteroid crash into the sea, sometime in the new Millennium of 2000 AD.</p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFF99"> "The great mountain, one mile<br> in circumference, After peace,<br> war, famine flooding...<br> It will spread far, drowning <br> antiquities and their mighty<br> foundations." <br> C1 Q69 </p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#669999"> Nostradamus goes on to tell us where this Asteroid will splash down</p> <center><font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> "At the place where Jason built<br> his ships, there will be such a <br> great sudden flood that no <br> on the land will have a place to<br> fall on. The waters mount the<br> Olympus Festulan."<br> C8 Q16</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> Many interpret Olympus Festulan to mean Mt. Olympus, near Greece. As this mountain is close to 10,000 ft high, we are looking at a massive tidal wave.</p> <p><font size="5" color="#669999">Nostadamus has more predictions about this Asteroid Impact to the sea. </p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FF6600"> 1}. "heat upon the water like that of the Sun, around Negrepont, the fish will become half cooked". C2 Q3</p> <p>2}."Seven times it {tidal wave} approaches the sea shore of Monaco", C3 Q10</p> <p>3} "very near the Tiber hurries the<br> Angel of Death. A short while before<br> a great flood.' C2 Q93</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FFFFFF"><B> All of this indicates the Asteroid will initially hit the Aegean Sea in the Mediterranean Ocean {the island of Negrepont/modern day Evvoia}.</p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> The impact/heat blast upon the water would be equal to the force of 1000-megaton nuclear missile.</p> <p><font color="#669999"> Massive Tidal Waves will flood Monaca, Mt. Olympus, Athens and major parts of Italy {Tiber River} including Florence.</b></font></p> <p><font face="Impact" size="5" color="#FF00CC"><b> The Book of Revelation places this Asteroid Impact in REV:8:10, during the Great Tribulation, when Antichrist is on the world scene as the Messiah and Avatar (world teacher).</p> <p> Many will question Antichrist and his claim to control "The Forces Of Nature. In light of this destruction from space, millions will realize he is The False Messiah </b></font></p> <p><font face="Arial" size="5" color="#669999"><b> Next in The Book of Revelation, we see another burning object impact Earth from the sky. </p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FFFF99"> "Then the third angel sounded;<br> And a great star fell from Heaven,<br> burning like a torch, and it fell <br> upon a third of the rivers and <br> on the springs of water,<br> <br> "and the name of the star is<br> called Wormwood; and a third<br> of the waters became as worm-<br> wood; and many men died from<br> the water because it was made <br> bitter".<br> (Rev:8:10-11)</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> This star "Wormwood" is either an ICBM Nuclear Missile or a massive chunk of The COMET PLANET. The destruction caused by the first two cataclysms will trigger mass plague and famine leading to W.W.III. When China the "King of The Mongols" is "brought to life" (C10 Q72) and Wages War.</p> <p> <font color="#FF0000"> This burning star "Wormwood hits the waters of America, The N.East Coast.</p> <p><font color="#669999"> Nostradamus also seems to describe "Wormwood" and his vision/quatrains.</p> <center><p><font size="4" color="#FF6600"> The sky will burn at 45 degrees<br> latitude, fire approaches the new<br> city. Suddenly a huge, scattered<br> flame leaps up, when they want<br> to have verification from the<br> Normans {France}.<br> C6 Q 97</p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#669999">New York City sits at 45 degrees latitude. Normans represents France, NATO. This makes complete sense. The USA Military would contact Nato for "verification" if this object was a Nuclear Missile or a Comet? (for if Wormwood is a nuclear missile, The USA would launch a nuclear response).</p> <br> <center><p><font size="6" color="#FF0000"> PART III: FINAL WARNING </p></center> <center><p><img src="nibiru.jpg"></p></center> <p><font size="5" color="#FF0000"> Nostradamus sees a Comet, which I believe is NIBIRU, The Comet Planet, causing great destruction and WW III. Nostradamus sets a time frame around 2012 AD.</p> <p> <font color="#FFFFFF">The Book of Revelation (chapter 8) also speaks of A Comet that brings Great Destruction upon the world and trigger WW III. Revelation gives no date as to when this event will happen.</p> <p><font color="#FF0000">THE BIBLE CODE does seem to give A Date when "Wormwood" will impact the Atlantic Ocean and Flood NYC: between 2010 and 2012 AD.</p> <p><font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> What will happen when Nibiru, The Comet Planet passes earth again? Will It's Powerful Gravitational Pull Cause Polar Shift? Mass Flooding? A Chain Reaction of Major Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions world wide? or be blown apart by NASA and shower the earth with flaming meteors?</p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> Imagine the horror of The Dec 26 Tsunami happening simultaneously around the world and we get an idea of the magnitude of what is to come.</p> <p><font size="5" color="#FFFFFF"> This is exactly what JESUS spoke of in Matt 24 which parallels Revelation;</p> <p><font color="#FFFF99">"For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, there shall be earthquakes in many places, plagues and famines".(Matt:24:7).</p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> It does seem JESUS is speaking of Cataclysmic destruction caused by the passing of NIBIRU, The Comet Planet. When The Great Tribulation is well underway, as the First seal is broken in Rev:6:2, The Judgments upon the world. </b></font></p> <p><font face="Impact" size="5" color="#00FF33"><b> If the Comet Planet will pass earth around 2012 AD then earth based observatories should start to see NIBIRU sometime between 2006 and 2011 AD. </b></font></p> <p><font face="Arial" size="5" color="#99CCFF"><b> A MESSAGE OF HOPE </p> <p><font color="#FF00CC"> The Destruction brought by The Doomsday Comet happens DURING The Great Tribulation to come and not before.</p> <p><font color="#99CCFF">This Time of Tribulation, lasting seven years, is the Last Chance for Humanity (Sinful Christians and the world) to make Heaven. Millions will Repent, Accept JESUS as Savior and Follow Him as Lord during the Darkest time in human history, <font color="#FF0000"> When Satan rules the world thru Antichrist 666 </p> <p> <font color="#FFFFFF">The Good News is<br> WE CAN ESCAPE 666</p> <p> JESUS Is Coming For His Faithful Followers, His "Faithful Remnant", The Church of Philadelphia Believers, in The FIRST OF TWO RAPTURE EVENTS! </p> <p><font color="#00CCCC">The Lord will take His True Followers to Heaven before the Start of The Great Tribulation and The Destruction caused by The Comet Planet (Rev:3:10).</p> <p><font color="#FF0000"> I will leave you with JESUS Warning in The Gospel. Never have His Words been more revelevant than for today.</p> <p> <font color="#FFcc66"> "Watch therefore and pray always <br> That you may be "accounted worthy" <br> To ESCAPE all of this things that<br> shall come upon the earth and <br> Stand before The Son of Man." <br> (Luke:21:36) </p> <p><font color="#99CCFF"> God Bless You In These End Times <br> Pastor Harry<br> Church of Philadelphia- Internet. </p> <p><font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> fn: I have been following Nostradamus" Predictions with this site since SEPT 1997. I remember back in FEB 1999, many Nostradamus sites were convinced that Comet Lee 1 would smash earth in "1999 and seven months". I sent a letter to NASA, asking them about COMET LEE and if it had the possibility of impact with Earth. </p> <p>NASA wrote me back from the JPL and told me there was zero chance that Comet Lee `1 could hit earth as it would pass at least 900 million miles from earth. </p> <p> NASA was correct about Comet Lee and 1999. I wonder what they will write me about 2012 AD and The Comet Planet? </b></font></p> <center><p><a href="index.htm"><font face="Arial" size="5" color="#9933FF"><b> Home </b></font></a> </p></center> <p><font face="Arial" size="4" color="#FF0000"><b> COPYRIGHT 2002 - 2005 HARRY WALTHER & SATANSRAPTURE.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED </b></font></p> </td></tr></table> <br><br> </B></font> </TABLE> </CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>