Bible Prophecy, Both The Book of Revelation and Daniel Warn of a coming, One World Government that will be Satanicaly inspired and controlled.

"Then I stood on the sand of the
sea. And I saw a Beast rising up
out of the sea, having seven heads
and ten horns, and on his horns
ten crowns, and on his heads a
blasphemous name."

'Now the beast which I saw was
like a leopard, his feet were the
feet of a bear, and his mouth
like the mouth of a lion. And
the Dragon gave him his power
and throne and great authority.

The sea is the Mediterranean as this one world government will have it's power-base in Western Europe, the rebuilt Roman Empire. {see Dan:9:26}. It will be a Theocracy, based upon the worship of Lucifer or Satan as the great "cosmic being" and Oversoul of Mankind; the new, "our Father in Heaven".

The Vatican, The "City Built Upon Seven Hills, will be converted and serve as The World Religious Center. {Rev:17:9 }. The Eastern Orthodox, Church of England, and the majority of Protestant sects will be incorporated into this world religion.

"And he {Beast} was given power
for forty and two months,"

"And he opened his mouth in
blasphemy against God, to
blasphemy His name, His
tabernacle and those who
dwell in Heaven."

"And it was granted to him to
make war against the saints
and to overcome them. And
power was given him over
every tribe, tongue and nation."

"And all who dwell upon the
earth shall worship him, whose
names are not written in the
Lamb's Book of Life".

The Antichrist {Beast} will wage war against all who oppose him, which will be the Christians -- those who reject Satan and follow Jesus as Christ and Lord.

The Governments of England, Western Europe, Canada and Russia have virtually disarmed their citizens except for antiquated hunting rifles. Christians in these countries will offer little resistance to The Antichrist who will control the Military and police forces of the world!

"And he {Antichrist} causes all,
both small and great, rich and
poor, free and slave, to receive
a mark on their right hand or
upon their foreheads,

"and that no one may buy or
sell except the one who has the
mark or the name of the Beast
or the number of his name.

"Here is wisdom. Let he who
has understanding calculate
the number of the Beast; for
his number is that of a man
and his number is 666."

The above Mark involves an "Initiation Ceremony" where as one pledges "allegiance" to Satan. Those who refuse will not receive their VERICHIP SMARTCARD Implant {hand} and will not be able to buy or sell anything! The Visible mark {forehead} will serve to quickly identify the "non-initiates" as mass arrests and executions sweep the globe. {Rev:20:4}.

The inner core of the United Nations is actually setting the framework for this coming Theocracy from Hell.{Rev:17:3-5}

Alice Bailey, head of Lucius Publishing, is actually headquartered in the UN Building {formerly called, Lucius Trust Publications}. She advocates global "initiation" {666}, a One World Government under the auspices of the UN, and led by spiritual beings known as "The Masters of Wisdom," claimed to have returned to earth.

In her earlier writings, Alice Bailey alluded to a "failed attempt along the Rhine River to bring about
This New Age of Lucifer."

In 1982, the United Nations issued their New World "Prayer". This prayer is taken directly from the writing of Alice Bailey and is said to have been given to Mankind by the esoteric, "Christ."


Actually this is not a "prayer" but
A global invocation or spell.

They plan to "invoke" SATAN to Earth and
Into The Hearts of Humanity.

"When a country has The
Right to Bear Arms,
They are Citizens,
When a nation is disarmed
They become subjects."
"1776" Anonymous"

Every modern nation of the world including England, Western Europe, Australia, Russia, China, Japan and Canada has virtually disarmed their citizens.

Only in America with its 250 million + guns could a substantial resistance be mounted against this Satanic System.

In Order To Prevail, Satan's Advocates Must
Eliminate This Threat Of Resistance

Global Disarming of The Nations is A Published
Goal of Koffe Aman, Sec-General of United Nations
And he has his eyes on America when he states this.

Today there is a growing movement In America for Gun Control spearheaded by The Democratic Party and The Platform of Clinton/Gore/Clinton.

For a systematic disarmament of the US citizenry, including:

1} Limiting the number of guns that an individual can purchase -- for example -- one gun per month.

2} Licensing and registering all guns on a national database, updated yearly.

3} Amending the U.S. Constitution to remove
"The Right to Bear Arms."

Those who oppose Gun Control maintain that the above laws will do little to reduce gun violence.

Their concern is that these laws will lead to zero new purchases of guns, and that unfair licensing will prohibit the majority of people from passing a test to own a gun. They believe that gun ownership will be banned and that the national data-base will be used for house to house sweeps and confiscation of all guns.

Hitler disarmed Germany before the people were subjugated.

Stalin did the same in Russia as did Mao in Communist China.

Although the political and social conditions in today's United States are radically different, the principle remains the same: a disarmed public can offer no resistance, when the government has all the weapons and the people have none.


Well, The Churches are leading millions astray,
Lulling them into a False Security.

The false prophets of Christendom today such as Hal Lindsay, John Haggee, Jack Van Impe and Rev. Falwell, teach, if you are simply "born-again" you are guaranteed to be "raptured" {caught-up into Heaven} before The tribulation begins and Antichrist {666} comes.

According to The Gospel, this automatic "guarantee" of
A "Rapture" into Heaven is a blatant lie!

Jesus taught we must be "accounted worthy" to
ESCAPE (666) this coming Holocaust by following His teachings and "overcoming evil" (Rev:3:10).

"Take heed, that your hearts are
not weighed-down by drunkenness,
carousing and the cares of this life,
that the DAY will come upon you

"For as a snare it shall come upon
all those who dwell upon the face
of the whole earth."

"Watch therefore and pray always,
that you may be "accounted worthy"
to escape all of these things that
shall come to pass and stand before
the Son of Man."

The above "Escape" is the First of Two Raptures, as revealed in My banned book,

UPDATE: The Vatican is already preparing Catholics all around the world for This Luciferic Initiation, via "Ash Wednesday."

The ashen cross will simply be replaced by an occult symbol, probably a pentagram.

The United Nations World Prayer was released in 1982 in conjunction with a media blitz including a full-page ad in the New York Times. The announcement was that "Christ" and his "Masters of Wisdom" had returned.

If you doubt the scope and organization of this Luciferic Movement, look at their site.

Don't look for the name "Satan" because it will not be there. You will see Satan referred to as "Lucifer," (a more benign name) as the "oversoul" of Mankind.


"Beware for Satan comes as an Angel of Light."
{2 Cor:11:14}.

Fn: According to the Bible, Lucifer and Satan are the same person. Lucifer led a rebellion against God and was cast from heaven to earth. His name was changed to "Satan" which means the adversary of God.
{Isa: 14/Rev:12:7-19}

Pastor Harry/ The Church of Philadelphia Internet